Business Software for Roofing Companies

Business Software for Roofing Companies

SkyBoss makes invoicing and scheduling a breeze for your roofing business. Take control of your company and maximize efficiency; start your free demo today!

Scheduling Software


Our drag and drop calendar and map, make it easy to schedule one-time and recurring jobs.

Invoicing Software

Invoicing and Payments

Email invoices with the click of a mouse and collect payments online with SkyBoss, so you can get paid quickly.

Task Management Software

Task Management

Our drag and drop calendar, reminders and other great features make sure you stay on top of everything.

Client Tracking Software

Stay on top of your clients with a complete, searchable database that shows contact information, last job, upcoming appointments, recent payments and more.

Mobil Software

Manage your business on-the-go and allow your technicians to update the status of their job and other details from the field with SkyBoss Mobile.

Reporting Software

SkyBoss makes it easy to generate reports of your business so you can track growth over time and look for areas to improve.

Roofing Service Software

Roofing Service Software for Success

SkyBoss is business management software with a proven track record. We have already helped thousands of roofing companies improve their business from the ground up, with many built-in features, designed specifically for the roofing service industry.

From recurring contracts, to every-day tasks and one-time jobs, our features make it easy to manage your workload and improve the efficiency of your business and field technicians. Save time with our intuitive features so you can handle quotes, billing, scheduling, job tracking and more, all from your computer, laptop or tablet! Our goal is to give you more time to grow your business.


Business Software for Roofing Companies

Do you run a roofing company? SkyBoss is a powerful suite of tools for roofing businesses that can help you manage your business, schedule new jobs, dispatch team members and invoice your clients while reducing your administrative workload by as much as 70% every month.

Designed to meet the specific needs of roofing and other field service businesses, SkyBoss puts your entire business in front of you, allowing you manage your team and view your daily activity at a glance.

Ready to improve efficiency and free up time to focus on growing your business? Call us on 888-772-3010 to learn more about how your business can use SkyBoss to improve efficiency, increase revenue and deliver higher quality service to your clients.


SkyBoss field service software includes a complete range of features for roofing and field service businesses. From scheduling to invoicing, the tools you need to run your business are never further than a click away, helping you to save time and get more done throughout the workday.

We’ve designed SkyBoss to include all of the features you need as the owner or manager of a roofing company, without the confusing features or challenging interfaces that are common with business management tools.

Scheduling and Dispatching

One of SkyBoss’s most powerful features is its scheduling and dispatching system. In just a few clicks, you can add new jobs to your team’s schedule, set a specific time and date for your work orders and assign new work to specific members of your roofing team.

SkyBoss is built around a drag-and-drop scheduling interface, letting you add new jobs to your team’s calendar in less than a minute. Many of our roofing customers have eliminated as much as 70% of their back office workload by using SkyBoss to schedule new jobs and dispatch staff.

  • Create new jobs and add them to your team’s schedule in just a few clicks using the quick and easy drag-and-drop SkyBoss scheduling interface

  • Completely eliminate paper scheduling tools, wall planners, notebooks and other old fashioned scheduling equipment from your back office

  • Automatically dispatch roofing technicians to new work orders based on their proximity to the job site, or select the right technicians for each project from your list of staff members

  • Notify your roofing technicians of new work orders by sending alerts using the SkyBoss mobile app, completely removing the need for phone calls and SMS

  • Keep track of your entire team’s daily workload from one interface with current, finished and upcoming work orders displayed on a clean and effective visual schedule

  • View how much revenue your business is earning in real time, with live data on the cash and check payments your staff members have received from clients

  • Run the scheduling and dispatching side of your business more efficiently with fewer missed appointments, slow arrivals or communications problems

SkyBoss is designed to eliminate a huge amount of your scheduling workload, all while making your roofing business more efficient than ever before at responding to customers and providing fast, effective and quality service.

Instead of using a wall planner or paper schedule to manage your team, SkyBoss allows you to scheduling new jobs and keep track of your team’s schedule from a user friendly online interface with live data on your upcoming, ongoing and completed work orders.

Entering new jobs into SkyBoss is a quick and simple process that your administrative staff can complete in less than one minute after receiving a customer phone call.

SkyBoss also makes it easy to assign work to your roofing technicians and dispatch them to the job site. Jobs can be assigned manually to specific members of your team, showed to the entire team at once, or assigned automatically using a service vehicle’s GPS location data.

As your technicians complete each job, they can mark it as complete using the SkyBoss mobile app, add custom notes and job information, and even accept payment from customers by cash, check or credit card.

Form your back office, you can track your entire team’s activity at a glance, with live data on the total amount of revenue generated and jobs completed by your roofing team throughout the day.

The end result is a faster turnaround time and better level of service for your customers, a much easier scheduling and dispatching process, and a measurable reduction in scheduling work for your entire back office team.

Invoices and Payments

The powerful invoicing and payments tools in SkyBoss let you create and send custom invoices to your clients in minutes after each job is completed, with payment options such as cash, check or credit card via the SkyBoss mobile app.

Instead of staying late in the office every evening to send and manage invoices, SkyBoss allows you to simplify and automate the cash flow side of your business to save time and let you focus on growing your roofing business.

  • Eliminate the time consuming, challenging side of invoicing by creating invoices for your clients in the SkyBoss user interface as soon as your roofing team completes each work order

  • Simplify your invoicing process and give more power to your technicians by letting your roofing staff create custom invoices and estimates from the field using the mobile app version of SkyBoss

  • Capture signatures from customers and clients to authorize payments, agree to specific work order terms and create a digital record of agreements and work specifications

  • Accept payments in three convenient formats, ranging from cash and check payments to credit card payments using the SkyBoss mobile app

  • Track the amount of cash your roofing technicians have received from customers in real time to assess your business’s daily revenue performance

  • Divide invoices between one or more technicians to ensure all members of your team are fairly compensated for jobs that require more than one person

  • Automate your follow-up and collections process with automated email alerts for unpaid and overdue invoices

  • Track the entire cash flow side of your business from the SkyBoss accounting interface to monitor your accounts receivable and cash flow at a glance

We know that cash flow is key for the success of any roofing business. That’s why SkyBoss is designed to help you invoice your clients and receive payments in record time, all without the stress, long hours and repetitive phone calls of a typical invoicing and collections process.

With SkyBoss, you can simplify and automate your accounting process to invoice clients and get paid as soon as each each job is completed.

SkyBoss’s user friendly and powerful accounting features let you send custom invoices to your clients in minutes, helping you capitalize on the moment and collect payments as soon as work is completed. You can even follow up automatically via email to collect overdue payments.

Using the SkyBoss mobile app, your team members can capture customer signatures, create estimates and invoices, and even accept payments from customers by cash, check or credit card.

The end result is a faster, easier and measurably more efficient invoicing process that helps you get paid faster and ensures your customers receive detailed, accurate invoices for the work your team performs.


SkyBoss makes small business accounting simple, letting you track your accounts receivable, accounts payable, purchase orders and other important financial data without having to rely on complicated software or outside contractors.

Designed to meet the specific requirements of roofing companies, SkyBoss includes a powerful accounting module that puts your key financial performance indicators and accounting data at a glance throughout the workday.

  • Simplify your accounting process and save hundreds of hours of administrative work by automating invoicing, collections and customer payment management

  • Make your accounting process paperless by viewing your account data and recording transactions using the SkyBoss accounting interface

  • View, create and manage your long term contracts with customers for services such as roof repair, re-roofing and roof cleaning

  • Make your purchase order recording and management process easier by allowing your roofing technicians to photograph and upload receipts, invoices and other documents

  • Keep track of the financial side of your business in just a few minutes a day, with all of your key financial performance indicators and accounting data right in front of you

In just a few minutes a day, you can stay on top of your roofing company’s financial health and performance using SkyBoss. The accounting tools in SkyBoss are designed to help you make your accounting process more efficient, more effective and almost completely paperless.

From purchase orders and invoices to service agreements and long term contracts with your top clients, SkyBoss makes it easier to manage the agreements and financial data that’s right at the heart of your roofing business.

Using the SkyBoss mobile app, your roofing technicians can simplify your workload and save a huge amount of time by photographing and uploading invoices, receipts and other information.

Instead of spending your back office team’s time on calculations, data entry and other repetitive accounting tasks, SkyBoss allows you to free up hundreds of extra hours to spend on business development and sustainable growth.

The end result is a more efficient, more accurate and more effective accounting process that lets you manage your company’s finances without the stress, work or inaccuracies of old fashioned accounting solutions.

Service Agreement Management (Coming ____)

Create, view and manage your service agreements with clients in just a few clicks. SkyBoss has a powerful service agreement management feature that makes keeping track of your long term contracts a quick and easy process.

  • Quickly and easily create new long term agreements for services such as roofing repair, re-roofing, roof cleaning and more to convert your existing customers into valuable long term clients

  • Let your field technicians create new service agreements using the SkyBoss mobile app to sign on clients and generate more recurring revenue for your roofing business

  • Monitor all of your long term contracts from a single user interface without having to rely on paper records or wall planners

  • Keep track of how much time your team needs to spend honoring existing contracts and plan an efficient scheduling that maximizes your team’s productive workload

  • View contracts that will expire soon and follow up with clients to renew agreements and achieve the highest possible retention rate and customer lifetime value (CLV)

  • Gain a new level of control over the recurring revenue side of your business and convert more customers into loyal, long term clients

We understand how important service agreements can be for your business. SkyBoss is built to make signing up long term clients and managing your service agreements a quick, simple and stress-free process that you can manage a few minutes a month.

From creating new contracts to renewing agreements with your most important clients, SkyBoss makes managing the service agreement and recurring revenue side of your business faster and  easier than ever before.

Client Tracking

How well do you know your clients? The client tracking and management tools in SkyBoss give you immediate access to your important client data, helping you identify and prioritize your most important relationships and access the information you need to retain your clients.

  • Access a detailed database of your interactions and business with clients in just a few clicks to view agreements, work histories and custom notes

  • View job and transaction-specific data for clients to identify work completed and form a stronger understanding of your team’s history with each customer

  • Use a wide range of data points, such as individual or business names, addresses and other information, to search for and identify clients

  • Flag problematic clients with overdue or unpaid invoices to alert your team and prevent them from opening any new work orders

  • Add custom notes to each customer’s profile with information such as door and gate access codes, driving and property access directions, past job history and more

  • Access each client’s transaction and spending history in one click to discover which of your clients contribute the most revenue

Delivering great service means knowing your clients well. SkyBoss’s client tracking features let you access the information you need to deliver high quality, reliable services to your clients and customers in just a few clicks.


From transaction reports to quotes created and won, the reporting feature in Skyboss lets you stay on top of the key metrics that determine your business’s growth, trajectory and day to day operations.

  • View key performance indicators (KPIs) including total and average client spending and revenue generated over a specific period from the SkyBoss reporting interface

  • Monitor growth-related metrics such as total jobs completed and revenue generated over a specific period to assess your business’s trajectory

  • Analyze employee performance with reports on the specific individuals that generate the most revenue and complete the most jobs for your business, letting you identify your top performers for promotions and bonuses

  • Generate custom reports using a variety of data points to view your data in more detail and identify opportunities for optimization, growth and business development

  • Export and download your report data in CSV format for use in other tools and software

Switch to SkyBoss in One Day or Less

From setup to daily use, we’ve designed SkyBoss to be some of the easiest contractor business software you’ll ever use. In fact, even if your back office team has never used business software before, we’re convinced your team can start using SkyBoss confidently in one day or less.

  • Eliminate as much as 70% of your back office team’s workload, helping you free up time to spend on tasks like generating new leads, developing new customer relationships and growing your business

  • Schedule work and dispatch your team in just a few clicks, helping you provide better service to your customers without the wall planners, phone calls and other inefficient practices that are all too common for roofing companies and field service businesses

  • Create and view reports on your roofing company’s financial performance, from total weekly, monthly or quarterly revenue to performance reports for each member of your roofing service team

  • Manage and renew service agreements with your clients for long term, ongoing services that generate recurring revenue for your business

  • Gain a completely new level of control over your roofing business, all while spending less time on the day to day tasks that can dominate your schedule

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

We’re 100% confident you’ll be able to make big improvements to your roofing company by switching to SkyBoss. That’s because we’ve helped hundreds of businesses like yours save time, generate more revenue and improve their growth rate.

To make your decision to switch to SkyBoss easier, we offer a one year, 100% money back guarantee. If you use SkyBoss for a full year and don’t feel satisfied, we will refund all of your subscription payments with no questions asked.

Request a Live Demo of SkyBoss

Our live demo takes 10 to 60 minutes, depending on the amount of time you’d like to spend learning about SkyBoss. During your live demo, our representative will answer any questions you have about using SkyBoss to manage your business.

By the end of your demo, you’ll understand exactly how SkyBoss can fit into your daily workflow and help you run your roofing business more efficiently.

To get started, call us now on 888-773-3010 or contact us online to schedule your custom live demo and learn about how you can use SkyBoss to optimize and enhance the way you run your your business.

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