Business Software for Mobile Auto Detailing Companies

Business Software for Mobile Auto Detailing Companies

SkyBoss makes invoicing and scheduling a breeze for your mobile auto detailing business. Take control of your company and maximize efficiency; start your free demo today!

Business Software for Auto Detailing Companies

Do you run an auto detailing business? From scheduling new jobs and dispatching your staff to sending invoices to your customers, SkyBoss makes every aspect of running your auto detailing business quicker, easier and less stressful.

Designed specifically for auto detailing and other field service businesses, SkyBoss includes a full suite of tools that let you monitor your business at a eliminate and save as much as 70% of the repetitive tasks your back office team completes on a daily basis.

Within a few weeks of using SkyBoss, you’ll be able to free up time to focus on developing your business and growing your client base.

Ready to improve efficiency and free up time to focus on growing your business? Call us on 888-772-3010 to learn more about how your business can use SkyBoss to improve efficiency, increase revenue and deliver higher quality service to your clients.


As a complete field service management software, SkyBoss includes a wide range of features for both small and large auto detailing companies. From scheduling and dispatching to accounting, the feature set you’ll find in SkyBoss lets you simplify multiple aspects of your business.

Unlike other business software, which is often designed to meet the needs of multiple different types of businesses without excellent at one task, we’ve designed SkyBoss to meet the specific needs of field service businesses such as auto detailing services.

There are no confusing interfaces or difficult tools to worry about. Instead, all of the features you need on a daily basis are just a few clicks away at any time.

Scheduling and Dispatching

SkyBoss includes a powerful scheduling and dispatching system that allows you to control your entire team’s schedule, dispatch staff members and view your day to day operations from one user interface.

Using the drag-and-drop scheduling interface in SkyBoss, you can add new jobs in less than a minute after each customer call. SkyBoss offers a range of dispatching options, giving you total control over who works on which job at any specific time.

  • Create and scheduling new jobs in seconds by entering the job data and dragging the work order onto your team’s schedule at a specific time

  • Assign work orders to specific members of your team, offer them to the first person to respond or let SkyBoss locate the most suitable technician using GPS location data

  • Notify your team members of new jobs using the SkyBoss mobile app, eliminating the need for phone calls and traditional scheduling systems

  • Modify work orders in just a few clicks and manage your entire team’s workload from a single user interface and application

  • Stay on top of your entire business at a glance with a live view of completed, ongoing and upcoming work orders

  • Monitor the amount of revenue your business earns in real time, with live data on jobs completed, call count and average earnings per call

  • Spend less time on the scheduling and dispatching side of your auto detailing business, all while improving productivity and generating more revenue

SkyBoss is built from the ground up to make scheduling new work and dispatching your team members as easy as possible. Instead of relying on phone calls and old fashioned scheduling, you can assign jobs to your staff within minutes of speaking to each customer.

The scheduling system in SkyBoss is built around a simple drag-and-drop interface that allows your staff to quickly and easily add work orders to your schedule. Each work order includes the customer’s name, location, job specifications and other essential details.

When you assign a work order to your team, the specific staff members are notified using the SkyBoss mobile app. There’s no need to make phone calls or manually send SMS -- instead, the entire dispatching process is handled quickly and efficiently through SkyBoss.

Need to assign multiple staff members to a job? No problem. SkyBoss lets you assign each job to more than one staff member to deliver the expertise your customers need. You can even let SkyBoss automatically locate the best technicians for each job using GPS location data.

Your entire team’s schedule is available at a glance, letting you stay on top of your daily activity with ease. SkyBoss even records your total daily revenue, call count and average earnings per call in real time, giving you a bird’s eye view of your business while your team is working.

The end result is better service and a faster response time, easier dispatching, a more intuitive scheduling process and a major reduction in the amount of administrative work your back office team completes on a daily basis.

Invoices and Payments

Invoicing can be tiresome, stressful and time consuming. Luckily, SkyBoss includes a powerful set of invoicing tools that let you automate and simplify your invoicing process, saving time and helping you get paid faster by your customers.

From creating and sending invoices to following up with clients that exceed their credit terms, the invoicing and payment management tools in SkyBoss allow you to manage the cash flow side of your auto detailing business more efficiently, all while working less.

  • Create and send invoices to your clients in less time using SkyBoss’s powerful invoice creation tools, letting you invoice your clients faster and receive payment for your work without the usual delays

  • Let your auto detailing staff create estimates and invoices from any location using the SkyBoss mobile app, saving time and reducing your back office team’s administrative workload

  • Allow customers and clients to agree to contracts and authorize payments by signing work orders using the SkyBoss mobile app

  • Accept payments in the field by cash, check or credit card to simplify paying for your services and generate immediate cash flow

  • Monitor the amount of cash your technicians are carrying in real time with SkyBoss’s invoicing and cash flow statistics

  • Split invoices for jobs that require more than one staff member to ensure all of your employees are fairly compensated for their work

  • Make collections faster and easier by letting SkyBoss automatically follow up via email with clients that fail to pay their invoice by the due date

  • Manage the entire cash flow side of your business from one application, saving time and helping you gain a laser focus on your invoices and accounts receivable

Strong cash flow means a strong business. The invoicing and payment features in SkyBoss are designed with the specific needs of auto detailing businesses in mind, from sending invoices to following up and collecting payments from clients.

Instead of working into the evening to create and send invoices, SkyBoss allows you to whip up invoices in just a few minutes after each job is completed, letting you get your invoice into each client’s mailbox as quickly as possible.

If your clients prefer an ‘old fashioned” invoice, you can print your invoices in batches to save time for your back office staff. SkyBoss even makes following up on overdue invoices easier by automatically dispatching email alerts to clients that exceed your payment terms.

From the field, your staff members can create estimates and invoices on the fly, helping you to increase transparency for customers, authorize payments and simplify your invoicing process while save time for your back office team.

The end result is a more efficient invoicing process that makes life easier for your back office team, increases transparency for your clients and lets you stay on top of the cash flow side of your business without the usual workload.


The accounting features in SkyBoss make managing the financial side of your auto detailing business a breeze, from viewing your accounts payable and receivable to allowing your field staff to scan and upload receipts and purchase orders.

Built from the ground up to meet the financial needs of auto detailing companies of all sizes, SkyBoss can save your back office team hundreds of hours that would usually be spent on accounting, collections and other financial tasks.

  • Reduce your administrative workload by managing your entire accounting process from one application without complicated tools or challenging software

  • Take your office paperless by eliminating accounting books, sheets and paper invoices from your auto detailing company’s back office

  • View and manage your service agreements with clients for long-term work that drives recurring revenue

  • Simplify your expense reporting and purchase order process by letting your field staff scan and upload their receipts, invoices and other documents with the SkyBoss mobile app

  • Keep track of your accounts receivable, accounts payable, purchase orders and other important accounting data at a glance, all while spending less time on your accounting

SkyBoss lets you gain a bird’s eye view of your accounting data, all in just a few minutes every day. Designed to meet the needs of auto detailing and other field service businesses, SkyBoss includes a powerful accounting module that you can use to improve results and efficiency.

Key financial data such as accounts payable and accounts receivable are easy to view, letting you stay on top of your company’s financial performance at a glance. SkyBoss also includes a range of powerful invoicing and payment tools to help you manage your company’s cash flow.

With the SkyBoss mobile app, your team members can save time and create a more accurate record of expenses and purchase orders. SkyBoss allows your team members to scan receipts and invoices to create a detailed, accurate record of your company’s expenses.

The end result is a faster, easier and more accurate accounting process that save time for your back office and field service staff, letting you focus on growing your business instead of simply running it.

Service Agreement Management (Coming ____)

Do you have service agreements with your clients? If you provide recurring services like auto detailing or vehicle cleaning on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis, you’ll love how easily you can manage your contracts using SkyBoss.

SkyBoss includes a powerful service agreement management toolkit that lets you create new agreements, manage your existing agreements and renew contracts with your clients in just a few clicks.

  • Create customized, long term service agreements with your clients for services such as auto detailing and vehicle cleaning to produce recurring revenue for your business

  • Give your field staff the ability to convert one-off customers into long term clients with the SkyBoss mobile app

  • View and manage all of your service agreements from one application, with live data on your total earnings from recurring work contracts and the number of clients to whom you provide service on a regular basis

  • Manage your service agreement workload and plan a work schedule that utilizes your team’s expertise and time as efficiently and effectively as possible

  • Keep track of agreements that are soon to expire, allowing your sales team to follow up early and ensure your existing clients renew their contracts and remain on your service roster

  • Increase your control over the service agreement side of your business and simplify the management of your recurring revenue sources

From large contracts to small agreements, SkyBoss makes managing your service agreements a quick, simple and scalable process. With all of your contracts in one interface, managing your long term agreements is easier than ever, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Client Tracking

SkyBoss business management software includes a powerful set of client tracking features that let you view your client history, identify your most important relationships and add custom notes to client profiles to give your staff extra information and keep a record of work activity.

  • View all of your client data in just a few clicks, from work order history to transactions, custom notes and more

  • Identify your most valuable customer relationships and prioritize clients that contribute the most revenue to your business

  • Search for and sort clients using a wide range of different data points, from names and addresses to work orders and other data

  • Identify and flag clients with unpaid or overdue invoices as problematic to alert your team and prevent them from placing orders

  • Quickly and easily add custom information such as driving directions, door and gate access codes, job specifications and more to client profiles

  • Access the data you need to develop stronger, more effective relationships with your most important clients

Knowing your clients means knowing your business. With the client tracking tools in SkyBoss, you’ll find it easier than ever to access the information you need to deliver the highest quality service to your customers and long term clients.


SkyBoss includes a diverse range of reporting options to help you stay up-to-date with the data you need to run your business effectively. You can even create custom reports to look into your data in greater detail and discover optimization opportunities or assess employee performance.

  • Quickly and easily view your auto detailing company’s key performance indicators, such as jobs completed, quotes won, transactions and more

  • Track the growth of your business with revenue reports, invoice aging and other valuable financial and cash flow data

  • Create employee performance reports for specific members of your team to identify your top performing staff members and assign bonuses and promotions based on employee output and results

  • Use a variety of data points to create custom reports and discover opportunities to grow, improve and optimize your business

  • Export and download your report data in CSV format for use in other tools and software

Switch to SkyBoss in One Day or Less

To make switching to SkyBoss as easy as possible, we’ve designed SkyBoss so that your entire back office team can learn the basics and make the switch in one day or less, saving you time and ensuring no downtime while you transition to SkyBoss.

  • Reduce your back office team’s workload by up to 70%, giving you more time to focus on marketing your services, acquiring new clients, strengthening relationships with existing customers and growing your business

  • Take control of your scheduling and dispatching process and manage your day-to-day operations in just a few minutes instead of spending your workday making phone calls and scheduling new work orders

  • Access the reporting data you need to review your company’s performance in just a few clicks, letting you stay on top of your business’s growth and monitor the key performance indicators that determine your results

  • Create, modify, monitor and renew your service agreements with clients in minutes to stay in control of key sources of recurring revenue and ensure your business receives stable revenue every month

  • Increase the level of control you have other both your business’s operations and long term growth, all while spending a fraction as much time as before on repetitive tasks, day-to-day management and data entry

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

We’re 100% confident you’ll be able to make big improvements to your business by switching to SkyBoss. That’s because we’ve helped hundreds of businesses like yours save time, generate more revenue and improve their growth rate.

To make your decision to switch to SkyBoss easier, we offer a one year, 100% money back guarantee. If you use SkyBoss for a full year and don’t feel satisfied, we will refund all of your subscription payments with no questions asked.

Request a Live Demo of SkyBoss

Our live demo takes 10 to 60 minutes, depending on the amount of time you’d like to spend learning about SkyBoss. During your live demo, our representative will answer any questions you have about using SkyBoss to manage your business.

By the end of your demo, you’ll understand exactly how SkyBoss can fit into your daily workflow and help you run your auto detailing business more efficiently.

To get started, call us now on 888-773-3010 or contact us online to schedule your custom live demo and learn about how you can use SkyBoss to optimize and enhance the way you run your your business.

Scheduling Software

Our drag and drop calendar and map, make it easy to schedule one-time and recurring jobs.

Invoicing Software

Email invoices with the click of a mouse and collect payments online with SkyBoss, so you can get paid quickly.

Task Management Software

Our drag and drop calendar, reminders and other great features make sure you stay on top of everything.

Client Tracking Software

Stay on top of your clients with a complete, searchable database that shows contact information, last job, upcoming appointments, recent payments and more.

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SkyBoss Mobile

Manage your business on-the-go and allow your technicians to update the status of their job and other details from the field with SkyBoss Mobile.

Reporting Software


SkyBoss makes it easy to generate reports of your business so you can track growth over time and look for areas to improve

MobileAutoDetailing Business Software

Mobile Auto Detailing Software for Success

SkyBoss is business management software with a proven track record. We have already helped thousands of mobile auto detailing companies improve their business from the ground up, with many built-in features, designed specifically for the mobile auto detailing industry.

From recurring contracts, to every-day tasks and one-time jobs, our features make it easy to manage your workload and improve the efficiency of your business and field technicians. Save time with our intuitive features so you can handle quotes, billing, scheduling, job tracking and more, all from your computer, laptop or tablet! Our goal is to give you more time to grow your business.

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