Business Software for Maid and Cleaning Services

Business Software for Maid Service Companies

SkyBoss makes invoicing and scheduling a breeze for your maid services business. Take control of your company and maximize efficiency; start your free demo today!



Our drag and drop calendar and map, make it easy to schedule one-time and recurring jobs.

Invoicing and Payments

Invoicing and Payments

Email invoices with the click of a mouse and collect payments online with SkyBoss, so you can get paid quickly.

Task Management

Task Management

Our drag and drop calendar, reminders and other great features make sure you stay on top of everything.

Client Tracking

Client Tracking

Stay on top of your clients with a complete, searchable database that shows contact information, last job, upcoming appointments, recent payments and more.

Sky B.O.S.S. Mobile

SkyBoss Mobile

Manage your business on-the-go and allow your technicians to update the status of their job and other details from the field with SkyBoss Mobile.



SkyBoss makes it easy to generate reports of your business so you can track growth over time and look for areas to improve.

Maid Services Business Software

Maid Services Software for Success

SkyBoss is business management software with a proven track record. We have already helped thousands of maid service companies improve their business from the ground up, with many built-in features, designed specifically for the maid services industry.

From recurring contracts, to every-day tasks and one-time jobs, our features make it easy to manage your workload and improve the efficiency of your business and field technicians. Save time with our intuitive features so you can handle quotes, billing, scheduling, job tracking and more, all from your computer, laptop or tablet! Our goal is to give you more time to grow your business.

Do you run a maid service businesses? Designed specifically for cleaning businesses, SkyBoss is a complete business management toolkit that lets you run your business more efficiently, get paid faster by your clients and save hundreds of hours of administrative work every month.

Designed by service business owners for service business owners, hundreds of businesses of all sizes have benefited from SkyBoss. In some cases, SkyBoss users have reduced their total administrative workload by 70% compared to doing things the “old fashioned” way.

Would you like to run your maid business more efficiently? Call us on 888-772-3010 to learn more about how your business can use SkyBoss and to schedule your free SkyBoss demo and Q&A session with one of our representatives.


Built from the ground up for owners of cleaning service companies, SkyBoss is full of tools that can help you save time and run your business more efficiently.

Unlike most business management software, which is designed for a wide range of companies in different industries, SkyBoss is designed specifically for field service businesses like cleaning and maid service providers, property maintenance companies and other small businesses.

From scheduling new work and dispatching members of your team to invoicing your clients and getting paid, all of the features in SkyBoss are designed to help you solve the specific problems you face as the owner or manager of a maid and cleaning service business.

Scheduling and Dispatching

Do you spend a lot of your taking calls from customers and relaying job information to members of your team? SkyBoss includes a powerful scheduling tool that lets you drag and drop jobs onto a daily schedule and automatically alert your cleaning staff when new appointments come in.

Using the scheduling and dispatching feature in SkyBoss, you can:

Schedule jobs from new customers and existing clients the moment you take their calls by creating a new task and dragging it onto your daily work calendar, eliminating paper organizers and wall planners

Automatically locate the nearest member of your team and and assign the job based on GPS location data, or alert specific members of your team to the job and assign the work to the person you think is most suited to the project

View all of your ongoing jobs, completed jobs and upcoming jobs from a single interface without having to rely on whiteboards, wall planners or paper records

Monitor how much revenue your business is earning in real time as your cleaning staff complete new jobs and bill customers

Manage every aspect of your cleaning job scheduling and staff dispatching process from one interface, letting you keep track of your daily activity at a glance

We understand how difficult it can be to schedule work, assign jobs to staff members and keep track of your entire team. That’s why SkyBoss displays your entire team’s daily work schedule using a simple, user friendly interface that anyone can master in minutes.

Instead of relying on phone calls and SMS to manage your team, you can drag and drop new jobs onto your daily schedule as customers and clients call you. You can also schedule jobs to take place later in the week, month or quarter using SkyBoss’s scheduling calendar.

When you add a new job to SkyBoss, you can choose to assign the job to a certain member of your staff or let SkyBoss automatically locate the nearest person based on the GPS location of your service vehicles.

The entire process of scheduling work and assigning it to a specific person only requires a few clicks and less than a minute of your time. It’s no wonder so many businesses report reducing their scheduling-related workload by as much as 70% after using SkyBoss.

Invoices and Payments

One of the most challenging aspects of running a cleaning service business is invoicing clients and getting paid on time. If you’ve ever had to wait for an overdue invoice or resend an invoice to a disorganized customer, you’ll understand how time consuming and frustrating it can be.

SkyBoss makes the invoicing and transaction side of your maid service business a breeze to manage. From invoicing customers to following up on overdue invoices, SkyBoss is filled with powerful invoicing tools to help you save time and get better results:

Send invoices to your customers automatically at the conclusion of a job or end of each billing period, saving your administrative staff hundreds of hours every month that would normally be spent manually creating customer invoices

Let your field technicians prepare invoices and estimates in the field using the SkyBoss mobile app, helping you increase transparency and speed up payments from clients and customers

Capsure signatures from clients remotely to authorize specific work and agree on pricing before a job begins

Divide invoices for work performed by more than one maid to ensure each member of your team is fairly compensated

Automatically follow up on overdue invoices with payment reminders and collections emails to get paid earlier by slow-paying customers

View your accounts at a glance and see how much money you’re owed, how much of the money you’re owed is overdue and how your payments are divided between cash, check and credit card

SkyBoss is designed to make the cash flow side of your business a breeze. Instead of spending your time preparing, sending and following up on invoices manually, SkyBoss automates a large portion of the invoicing process, freeing up your time to let you focus on growing your business.

Using SkyBoss, your cleaners and maid service staff can automatically prepare estimates and invoices for work while in the field, letting you quickly and efficiently let customers know exactly how much work will cost before it’s performed.

Your staff can even invoice customers the moment a job is completed, preventing the need to wait days, weeks or months to get paid. SkyBoss supports payment by cash, check or credit card to give your customers the widest possible range of convenient payment options.

If your customers prefer to be invoiced the old fashioned way, you can even batch export your invoices to reduce the amount of time you’d spend printing invoices one by one.

Efficient invoicing means efficient collection, and efficient collection means great cash flow. If you spend too much time sending invoices and collecting payments, you’ll love how SkyBoss can help you get paid faster and improve your maid service business’s cash flow.


SkyBoss includes a full suite of accounting tools to help you manage your accounts receivable and accounts payable with ease. From setting up payment terms for your clients to staying on top of your cash, you can complete a variety of accounting tasks from within SkyBoss:

Automate large parts of your accounting process, from preparing and sending invoices to following up and collecting payments from clients

Eliminate almost all of your accounting paperwork by managing your invoices and work expenses using SkyBoss’s user friendly accounting interface

Keep track of the terms of your long-term service agreements, from payment schedules to credit limits and more

Simplify your expense reporting by letting your staff scan and upload their receipts using the SkyBoss mobile app

For many small and mid-sized maid service businesses, accounting can be a time consuming and challenging process. SkyBoss makes your accounting process faster, easier and far more efficient by automating repetitive tasks and keeping all of your data in one application.

By switching to SkyBoss, you’ll be able to reduce the amount of time you spend preparing and sending invoices, collecting payments and updating accounts. Instead of working long hours to manage the financial side of your business, you can spend your time focusing on growth.

From following up on overdue payments to displaying alerts for clients that exceed their trade credit terms, SkyBoss automatically manages many of the accounting tasks that take up your valuable time.

SkyBoss not only makes accounting easier for your back office -- it also makes accounting far easier for your maid service staff. Instead of filling in long expense reports, your employees and contractors can scan and upload their receipts using the SkyBoss mobile app.

Service Agreement Management

Do you have service agreements with your clients? If you provide recurring services, such as daily, weekly or bi-weekly maid services to your clients, you’ll love the service agreement tools in SkyBoss.

SkyBoss makes it easier than ever before to create service agreements, sign on new clients, manage existing contracts and run the recurring service side of your business. With SkyBoss, you can:

Create new service agreements in minutes, letting your sales staff quickly sign on new clients and produce recurring revenue for your maid service business

Allow your field technicians to create new service agreements using the SkyBoss mobile app, helping your service staff convert one-time customers into loyal, long-term clients

View the total time commitment involved in fulfilling your existing service agreements, letting you manage your team and resources efficiently and generate more revenue

Track and monitor all of your ongoing service agreements and follow up on agreements that are soon to finish, improving your renewal rate and helping you drive more recurring revenue for your maid service business

Get more control over the service agreement side of your business, all while spending less time on repetitive, time consuming administrative tasks

If service agreements drive a significant percentage of your business’s revenue, you’ll love how simple SkyBoss makes it to add new clients, manage your existing contracts and renew a large percentage of your clients, all while saving time and reducing your administrative workload.

Client Tracking

How well do you know your clients? From a client’s purchase history to the total amount they’ve spent with your business over the years, SkyBoss lets you quickly and easily access useful data on both one-time customers and long-term clients.

Access a complete, detailed archive of account activity, spending history and other key information for all of your customers, from once-off purchases to long-term clients that have been with your business for years.

Search for customers based on their first or last name, business name, address and a large range of other parameters

Automatically flag problematic customers that have fallen behind on their payments or exceeded their account credit limit

Add notes to each customer with information such as GPS coordinates, door or gate access codes, driving directions, special requirements and more

View your entire transaction history with each client in a single click, letting you track down old invoices and find out how much certain business relationships are worth in revenue terms

From identifying and prioritizing your top clients to finding out which clients are non-payers, the client tracking tools in SkyBoss let you access the information you need to manage your client relationships in just a few clicks.


SkyBoss includes a complete range of reports on your business’s activity. Whether you need to identify and reward your top-performing employees or simply want to know how many jobs your team completes in a month, you’ll find it easy to access the data you need.

View employee performance reports and track which members of your team work the most efficiently and generate the most revenue for your business

Track important performance metrics such as the total number of jobs completed in a week, month or quarter and the number of quotes your business sent to prospects

Monitor growth and financial metrics such as total revenue per week, month or quarter, transaction volume, revenue from service agreements and outstanding invoices

Create reports using a variety of custom criteria to gain a deeper understanding of your business’s performance and discover opportunities for growth and optimization

Export and download your data in CSV format for use in other software

Switch to SkyBoss in One Day or Less

We’ve designed SkyBoss to take less than one day to learn and use, making it easy for you to make the switch. Even if you’ve never used field service software before, you can easily switch your business to SkyBoss in 24 hours or less.

By integrating SkyBoss into your maid service management workflow, you can:

Eliminate as much as 70% of your existing back office work, freeing up your time and the time of your employees to focus on growing your business instead of working in it

Respond faster and more effectively to every new customer call and appointment to give your clients better service, improve customer sentiment and convert a larger percentage of your one-time customers into loyal clients

Monitor your business’s daily revenue, work schedule and upcoming jobs from a single user interface, without having to rely on pen and paper scheduling

Access detailed reports on every aspect of your business, from total revenue and costs to employee productivity and performance, unpaid and overdue invoices, jobs completed and more

Regain the time you currently spend on mundane, repetitive tasks such as scheduling work, calling members of your team, sending invoices and collecting payments

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

We’ve seen SkyBoss work for thousands of businesses, including hundreds of businesses in the maid services industry. That’s why we’re 100% confident that SkyBoss can help your back office save hundreds of hours currently spent on administrative tasks every month.

To make your decision to switch to SkyBoss easier, we offer a one year, 100% money back guarantee. If you use SkyBoss for a full year and don’t feel satisfied with the results, we will refund all of your subscription payments with no questions asked.

Request a Live Demo of SkyBoss

Our live demo takes 10 to 60 minutes, depending on the amount of time you’d like to spend learning about SkyBoss. During your live demo, our representative will answer any questions you have about using SkyBoss to manage your business.

By the end of your demo, you’ll understand exactly how SkyBoss can fit into your daily workflow and help you run your maid service business more efficiently.

To get started, call us now on 888-773-3010 or contact us online to schedule your custom live demo and learn about how you can use SkyBoss to optimize and enhance the way you run your your maid service business.

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