Business Software for Lawn Care Companies

SkyBoss makes invoicing and scheduling a breeze for your lawn care business. Take control of your company and maximize efficiency; start your free demo today!


Our drag and drop calendar and map, make it easy to schedule one-time and recurring jobs.

Invoicing and Payments

Email invoices with the click of a mouse and collect payments online with SkyBoss, so you can get paid quickly.

Task Management

Our drag and drop calendar, reminders and other great features make sure you stay on top of everything.

Client Tracking

Stay on top of your clients with a complete, searchable database that shows contact information, last job, upcoming appointments, recent payments and more.

Business Software for Lawn Care Companies
Sky B.O.S.S. Mobile

SkyBoss Mobile

Manage your business on-the-go and allow your technicians to update the status of their job and other details from the field with SkyBoss Mobile.



SkyBoss makes it easy to generate reports of your business so you can track growth over time and look for areas to improve.

Lawn Care Management Software

Lawn Care Software for Success

SkyBoss is business management software with a proven track record. We have already helped thousands of lawn care companies improve their business from the ground up, with many built-in features, designed specifically for the lawn care industry.

Easy Chemical Tracking

Whether or not you operate in an area that requires pesticide and chemical use be documented, SkyBoss has a Chemical Tracking add-on feature that allows you to easily track pesticide and chemical usage from your computer, tablet or laptop. Along with allowing you to meet government requirements, this handy feature makes it easier to reduce waste!

Business Software for Lawn Care Services

From recurring contracts, to every-day tasks and one-time jobs, our features make it easy to manage your workload and improve the efficiency of your business and field technicians. Save time with our intuitive features so you can handle quotes, billing, scheduling, job tracking and more, all from your computer, laptop or tablet! Our goal is to give you more time to grow your business.

Do you run a lawn care business? SkyBoss is a powerful software toolkit designed specifically for lawn care businesses that can help you manage your jobs and team more efficiently, speed up payments from your clients, improve your service quality and grow your business.

Designed by our experienced team with the needs of lawn care businesses in mind, SkyBoss has helped other lawn care business owners save hundreds of hours every month that would have normally been spent on administrative, back office tasks.

Ready to make your lawn care business more efficient? Call us on 888-772-3010 to learn more about how your business can use SkyBoss and to schedule your free SkyBoss demo and Q&A session with one of our representatives.


Unlike most software, which is designed by developers without a hands-on understanding and experience of your industry, SkyBoss has been designed from the ground up by field service business owners, for field service business owners.

This means that SkyBoss includes all of the features you need to run your lawn care business as efficiently and profitably as possible.

From scheduling tools to invoicing and payment systems, SkyBoss is full of features that can save you time and money. We’ve designed each of the features below to address the issues, challenges and repetitive tasks you face as the owner or manager of a lawn care business.

Scheduling and Dispatching

One of the most important features of SkyBoss is its scheduling and dispatch toolkit. SkyBoss includes a drag and drop calendar that you can use to quickly and easily schedule new jobs for your team.

Instead of calling your technicians with new job information and having them write it in their day planner, you can enter new job or project information in seconds and have it automatically sent to the most relevant and suitable member of your lawn care team.

Using the scheduling and dispatching tools in SkyBoss, you can:

Schedule new jobs in seconds by adding the location, time and description to SkyBoss, eliminating the need for a day planner, whiteboard or phone calls to your team

Locate the nearest member of your lawn care team using their GPS location and assign the job to them automatically

Track all of your company’s ongoing, completed and upcoming jobs from a single user interface, without having to rely on paper records to manage your team’s workload

Keep track of your daily revenue to see exactly how much your business earns every day, with useful metrics like average ticket value and total call volume

Stay on top of your team and workload from a single application, letting you achieve better results for your customers and run your lawn care business more efficiently

SkyBoss makes it easier than ever before to schedule new jobs and quickly dispatch the right member of your team to assist each client.

Instead of having to manage your entire team from a day planner or depend on several desktop applications, SkyBoss lets you handle every aspect of managing your team from a single, user friendly interface.

When you receive a call from a customer in need of help, you can add it to your team’s schedule in just a few clicks.

Because SkyBoss uses GPS technology to keep track of your service vehicles at all times, you can automatically assign new jobs to the member of your team located closest to the job site to save time and deliver faster service to your customers.

SkyBoss also allows you to assign jobs to member of your lawn care team manually, letting you select the best technician for each project and automatically send them the location, job specs, pricing and other important information.

The end result is a faster response time, better service and a massive, measurable reduction in workload for your back office team.

Invoices and Payments

We understand how frustrating it can be to spend days, weeks or months waiting to get paid by your customers. That’s why we’ve built an entire invoicing and payment toolkit into SkyBoss to help you invoice your clients and receive payments as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The invoicing and payment tools in SkyBoss make staying on top of the cash flow side of your lawn care business easier than ever. Using SkyBoss, you can:

Automatically invoice your customers as soon as each job is finished, saving hundreds of hours for your office team that would normally be spent preparing invoices manually

Give your field technicians the ability to send estimates to clients from the field using the SkyBoss mobile app, giving customers a better understanding of how much each job will cost before your team gets to work

Capture signatures from clients and customers in the field to authorize jobs and prevent chargebacks and cost-related disputes

Split invoices between two or more technicians to ensure each member of your team is compensated fairly

Send payment reminders and overdue invoice follow-up emails to your clients to get paid faster and reduce the risk of non-payment

Keep track of which customers have fallen behind on their account balances, how much cash your team members are carrying at any time and how much revenue your business has generated through credit card payments

SkyBoss makes invoicing your clients a breeze. Instead of having to prepare invoices manually, you can automatically send invoices to your clients as soon as each job is completed, reducing your administrative team’s workload and freeing up time for you to grow your business.

When your team members reach a job site, they can prepare a complete, detailed estimate for the customer using the SkyBoss mobile app. SkyBoss even allows your technicians to capture signatures from clients to authorize work and agree to each project’s costs before it begins.

Upon completion of each job, your lawn care staff can create and send an invoice from SkyBoss and accept payment via cash or check. Customers can also pay for your services using a credit card.

We understand that some customers prefer to do things the old fashioned way. Luckily, SkyBoss makes it easy for your administrative team to prepare and print invoices in batches to reduce the amount of time you spend billing and collecting payments from your customers.

Cash flow is the foundation of any successful business. With SkyBoss, you’ll be able to invoice your customers in a fraction of the normal amount of time and get paid faster than ever, helping you optimize and improve the cash flow side of your lawn care business.


The accounting tools in SkyBoss make it faster and easier than ever to manage your accounts receivable and payable, keep track of your lawn care service contracts and view payments from your customers. Using SkyBoss, you can:

Automate most aspects of your accounting process, from invoicing clients to following up on overdue accounts

Eliminate your accounting-related paperwork by keeping track of accounts receivable, accounts payable and job-related expenses using one interface

Monitor the terms of your service agreements with clients and automatically receive a warning notification if a client exceeds their credit limit

Allow your technicians to scan their receipts and add data for each purchase they make to SkyBoss, letting you efficiently manage the costs of operating your lawn care business

Accounting is one of the most time consuming aspects of running a lawn care business. That’s why SkyBoss is designed to make managing the financial side of your business as simple and efficient as possible.

Instead of spending your evenings filling in paperwork, SkyBoss lets you monitor your accounts receivable for the day, week or month from a simple, user friendly interface. In just a few clicks, you can keep track of how much you’re owed, which clients owe you money and when it’s due.

SkyBoss also simplifies your accounts payable and purchasing orders. Instead of taking a pen and paper approach to your expenses, your team members can scan and upload their receipts using the SkyBoss mobile app to help you easily calculate how much you’re spending.

You can even use SkyBoss to send automatic payment reminders to your clients, speeding up payment of overdue accounts and reducing the amount of time you spend collecting the money you’re owed.

Service Agreement Management

We know how important recurring revenue is to your lawn care business, which is why SkyBoss includes a powerful service agreement management system that makes creating and monitoring your recurring service contracts quick, easy and efficient.

Using SkyBoss, you can create service agreements for weekly, biweekly or monthly services in minutes, helping you sign on new clients and create lucrative sources of recurring revenue for your lawn care business:

Let your technicians create new service agreements and sign on new clients from the field, improving your prospect-to-client conversion rate and reducing your office team’s workload

View all of your service agreements in a single application, letting you understand how much your lawn care business is earning from recurring contracts at a glance

Calculate how much time your team will need to spend fulfilling each contract in the next week, month or quarter to improve efficiency and get the best productivity from your staff

Keep track of service agreements that are due to expire soon and follow up with clients as early as possible to get new agreements signed

Become more in control of the service agreement side of your lawn care business, all while spending less time on repetitive tasks and time consuming processes

Service agreements are the financial foundation of any lawn care business. SkyBoss makes it easier than ever to track and manage your service agreements, renew agreements before they expire and ensure your business has a strong, reliable stream of recurring cash flow.

Client Tracking

With SkyBoss, you can dig into your customer history to find out how much your clients spend, locate your top-performing accounts and identify problematic customers before they become a liability for your business. Using SkyBoss’s client tracking tools, you can:

View a complete history of your relationship and activity with each customer in just a few clicks, either from your administrative office or in the field using the SkyBoss mobile app

Search your customer database for specific people or organizations using variables such as an address, task and more

Identify problematic customers based on their purchasing or payment history and flag them to reduce risks and alert your staff members to potential issues

Write and add notes to each customer account to record important information such as door and gate codes, property information, driving directions and more

Access each client’s accounting history in one click, letting you follow up on old invoices and see how much revenue each customer contributes to your business

The better you know your clients, the better the level of service you can provide. SkyBoss puts your entire customer history at your fingertips, letting you and your team access the information you need when to deliver personalized, high quality service to your customers.


SkyBoss makes it easy to monitor and analyze the key performance indicators that determine how healthy your lawn care business is. From client spending to technician performance, you can quickly and easily stay on top the metrics that matter for your business:

View data on technician performance and monitor which members of your team are generating the most revenue for your business

Get a complete view of the most important metrics for your business, from the average amount you earn from each customer to jobs completed per month, quotes sent and a wide range of other performance indicators

Keep track of growth-related statistics such as total revenue, transaction volume and the amount your business earned from recurring service agreements in any given period

Create custom reports for specific aspects of your business to dig into your data and find opportunities to improve efficiency, deliver better services and earn more money

Export and download your report data in CSV format for use in other tools and software

Switch to SkyBoss in One Day or Less

We know how frustrating it can be to take time away from running your business to switch to a new management tool. That’s why we’ve designed SkyBoss to take less than one day to learn and integrate into your business, even if you’ve never used field service software before.

In less than 24 hours after switching to SkyBoss, you’ll be able to:

Reduce the amount of time you spend managing your lawn care business by as much as 70%, freeing up time for you to spend signing new customers and growing your business into a more profitable enterprise.

Increase your entire back office team’s efficiency, helping your employees provide better service to customers and reduce communications errors

Keep track of how your business is doing on a day-to-day and long-term view in just a few minutes a day.

View a wide range of reports to track your staff performance on a per-person level, your business’s revenue and transaction growth, as well as other performance metrics

Access all the reports you need to see how each member of your team is performing, how much your business is owed, how many jobs you complete every month and the other metrics you need to assess your business’s growth and performance.

Free yourself from repetitive tasks and gain control of your business in a way that you didn’t think was possible.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

We’ve helped hundreds of businesses operate more efficiently and generate more revenue by using SkyBoss. Because of this, we’re 100% confident that we can help your business become better than ever.

To make your decision to switch to SkyBoss easier, we offer a one year, 100% money back guarantee. If you use SkyBoss for a year and don’t feel completely satisfied, we will refund all of your subscription payments with no questions asked.

Request a Live Demo of SkyBoss

Our live demo takes 10 to 60 minutes, depending on the amount of time you’d like to spend learning about SkyBoss. During your live demo, our representative will answer any questions you have about using SkyBoss to manage your business.

By the end of your demo, you’ll understand exactly how SkyBoss can fit into your daily workflow and help you run your commercial cleaning and janitorial services business more efficiently.

To get started, call us now on 888-773-3010 or contact us online to schedule your custom live demo and learn about how you can use SkyBoss to optimize and enhance the way you run your your business.

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