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Business Software for Electrical Contractor

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Our drag and drop calendar and map, make it easy to schedule one-time and recurring jobs.

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Invoicing & Payments

Email invoices with the click of a mouse and collect payments online with SkyBoss, so you can get paid quickly.

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Task Management

Our drag and drop calendar, reminders and other great features make sure you stay on top of everything.

Business software for electrical contractors

Electrical Contractor Services Software for Success

SkyBoss is business management software with a proven track record. We have already helped thousands of electrical contractor service companies improve their business from the ground up, with many built-in features, designed specifically for the electrical contractor services industry.

Business Software for Electrical Contractors

Do you run an electrical contracting business? SkyBoss is a powerful suite of tools designed for electrical contractors that can help you save time, manage your business more efficiently, create better relationships with your clients and generate more revenue.

Designed to meet the specific requirements of electrical contractors, SkyBoss offers everything from scheduling and dispatching to invoicing, accounting and service agreement tools.

Most businesses save hundreds of hours a month in administrative work by using SkyBoss to manage processes like dispatching and invoicing. We’ve helped many contracting businesses reduce their administrative workload by as much as 70 percent.

Ready to improve efficiency and free up time to focus on growing your business? Call us on 888-772-3010 to learn more about how your business can use SkyBoss and to schedule your free SkyBoss demo and Q&A session with one of our representatives.


SkyBoss is a complete suite of tools designed to help you operate your electrical contracting business more efficiently and effectively than ever before. From scheduling to invoicing, you’ll gain immediate access to the tools you depend on to manage your day to day operations.

Unlike other business toolkits, which are packed with features you’ll rarely use, we’ve designed SkyBoss to include all of the features you need to run your business more efficiently than ever, without any unnecessary distractions.

Scheduling and Dispatching

Fast and effective scheduling is one of the most important aspects of operating an electrical contracting business. SkyBoss includes a powerful, user friendly scheduling system that gives your team the ability to create and schedule new jobs in just a few clicks.

Instead of the usual convoluted, confusing interface you’ll find in most business software, the scheduling interface in SkyBoss is built around a simple drag-and-drop system that your team can master in no time at all.

  • Create and schedule new jobs by dragging them onto your schedule at a specific time and date, letting you schedule new work in less than a minute.

  • View and manage your entire team’s schedule at a glance, with all of your current jobs laid out on a clean and simple daily or weekly calendar.

  • Assign each job to a specific technician and let SkyBoss automatically notify them about the job’s time, date and location via the SkyBoss mobile app.

  • Let SkyBoss check the GPS location of your service vehicles and automatically assign each new job to the nearest member of your team.

  • Keep track of your team’s ongoing jobs, upcoming work and completed jobs from one user interface, saving you from depending on books and wall planners.

  • View the amount of revenue your team is generating in real time as jobs are completed and your team members receive payments from clients.

  • Respond to customer calls faster than ever before and stay on top of your entire team’s workload in a fraction of the amount of time you’d normally spend on task scheduling.

Managing your technicians can be a serious challenge. SkyBoss makes the scheduling side of your business quicker and easier by letting you manage all of your upcoming and ongoing work from a single user interface.

Instead of writing down new jobs in a planner or managing your schedule from a spreadsheet, you can drag and drop new jobs onto the SkyBoss scheduling interface to create a complete work schedule for your team as customers contact your office.

Assigning a job is as simple as selecting a member of your team. SkyBoss can also locate the nearest technician to each job site using the GPS location of your service vehicles and assign the job to the most suitable person.

When you assign a job to a technician, they’ll receive a notification from the SkyBoss mobile app. Your back office team can potentially save hundreds of hours every month in phone calls and job-related communication.

There’s no for your scheduling and dispatching process to be a point of stress, SkyBoss gives you the ability to manage your scheduling in a fraction of the amount of time you’d spend on it the “old fashioned” way, letting you free up time to grow and develop your contracting business.

Invoices and Payments

Sending invoices and receiving payments can be a time consuming, stressful process. From dealing with late payments to collecting from non-paying clients, many electrical contracting businesses spend a huge amount of time on non-productive, invoicing-related tasks.

The invoicing tools in SkyBoss let you send invoices and get paid faster, with a wide range of time saving to help you manage the cash flow side of your electrical contracting business.

  • Send invoices to your clients and customers automatically when each job is completed, saving time for your back office team.

  • Give your field technicians the ability to create estimates and invoices from any location using the SkyBoss mobile app.

  • Provide complete information to customers before your team starts working, and capture signatures in the field using the SkyBoss mobile app to authorize work before each job begins.

  • Easily split invoices between two or more people, letting you divide compensation for jobs that require more than one member of your team.

  • Collect payments from your customers via cash, check or credit card.

  • Follow up on late payments and overdue invoices automatically using SkyBoss’s late payment reminders to collect and get paid faster.

  • Automatically flag clients that don’t pay their invoice balance and alert your team not to provide services to non-paying customers.

  • View outstanding invoice balances and keep track of your business’s cash flow from one interface, without depending on spreadsheets or manual bookkeeping.

Cash flow is essential for any service business. SkyBoss lets you quickly and easily manage the invoicing and cash flow side of your business without spending hundreds of hours every month manually creating, sending and following up on client and customer invoices

When your technicians complete a job, you can dispatch a customer invoice using SkyBoss in a few easy clicks. SkyBoss also allows your technicians to create estimates and invoices while in the field to present to customers before work commences and upon completion of each job.

If you prefer to invoice your clients the “old fashioned” way, you can batch print your invoices to save time and invoice your clients more efficiently.

You can receive payments by cash or check, or via credit using the SkyBoss mobile app. Cash and check payments are recorded in SkyBoss and updated in real time, letting you keep track of how much cash your technicians are carrying at any moment.

Tired of following up on overdue invoices? SkyBoss can automatically contact your clients when they fail to pay an invoice on time with a timely payment reminder, helping you get paid quicker and improve your business’s cash flow.

Instead of spending hour after hour preparing and following up on invoices manually, SkyBoss lets you manage your entire invoicing process more effectively than ever before, all in a fraction of the amount of time you currently spend managing invoices and cash flow.


SkyBoss includes a powerful accounting module that lets you manage the financial side of your business, from purchasing orders and service agreements with your clients to accounts payable and receivable.

  • Access financial reports for important accounting data such as total accounts receivable, accounts payable, total revenue generated over a specific period and more.

  • Simplify your accounting process by managing all of your financial data from one user interface, eliminating paperwork and clutter.

  • Create service agreements with your clients for recurring work, such as maintenance and servicing contracts.

  • Log purchases and upload receipts using the SkyBoss mobile app, preventing your technicians from having to create purchase orders manually.

Detailed, accurate accounting means an efficient, effective business. SkyBoss includes a full suite of accounting tools to help you manage the financial side of your business and monitor how much you’re earning, how much you’re spending and other important information.

The accounting tools in SkyBoss are ideal for electrical contractors. Instead of filling in purchase order data by hand, your team members can scan and upload their receipts whenever they buy new tools, parts or equipment.

SkyBoss lets you keep track of your business’s financial data at a glance. In a few short clicks, you can view your total revenue over a specific period of time, see how much you’re paid from specific clients and monitor other important data.

Accounting can be a major time expense for any business, especially if you have a large team of contractors to manage. SkyBoss lets you spend less time on accounting, all while keeping a more accurate, effective record of the financial side of your electrical contracting business.

Service Agreement Management

Do you have long-term contracts with your clients? If you offer recurring services, such as home or commercial building electrical servicing and maintenance, you’ll love how easy it is to create and manage your service agreements using SkyBoss.

SkyBoss includes powerful service agreement management tools that let you view your service agreements at a glance and sign on new clients in just a few clicks, helping you generate more recurring revenue for your business and retain clients for longer.

  • Create new service agreements quickly and efficiently using SkyBoss, letting your team bring in new clients and convert one-off customers into long-term clients more effectively than ever before

  • Give your field technicians the ability to create contracts and sign on new clients in the field using the SkyBoss mobile app

  • Monitor your earnings from service contracts at a glance, with specific information on your total revenue from service contracts over specific periods of time

  • Stay on top of your commitments and accurately monitor how much time you’ll need to spend honoring your existing contracts, letting you create an efficient schedule and get the most from your team

  • Keep track of service contracts that are soon to expire and follow up early to retain more clients and preserve your recurring revenue sources

  • • Stay in control of the service agreement side of your business and ensure you’re always up to date on contracts, commitments and client relationships

Maintaining and growing your electrical contracting business’s recurring revenue is one of the most effective ways to fuel long-term growth. The service agreement management features in SkyBoss make it easy for you to sign on and keep clients that generate recurring revenue.

Customer Management

SkyBoss makes it easy to keep track of your customer relationships and access the information you need to retain long term clients. From the total amount each client spends to a full history of each client’s transactions, SkyBoss automatically tracks a variety of important data points.

  • View complete records for all of your clients, with data on account history, recent work completed and a full record of invoices, transactions and other financial data.

  • Search your client database using a variety of variables, from an individual or business name to tasks, addresses and more.

  • Locate, identify and flag problematic customers that fail to pay their invoices or create problems for your staff to reduce risks and improve safety.

  • Quickly add custom notes to each client’s profile with information such as door and gate access codes, driving directions, property information and other data that lets your team deliver better service.

  • View your top-performing clients and most valuable relationships, with full revenue data for each client and customer.

Running a service business is all about building and maintaining great relationships. SkyBoss lets you quickly and easily access the data you need to identify your most valuable customer relationships and create a stronger bond with your top clients.


From the amount of revenue your business generates over a specific period of time to the total number of jobs your team completes, SkyBoss lets you create and view custom reports to gain a deeper understanding of your business and discover opportunities for optimization.

  • View reports for individual members of your team to track productivity on a per-person basis and identify your top performers for bonuses, salary negotiations and more

  • Keep track of important financial data at a glance, from total daily, weekly and monthly revenue to expenses and other metrics

  • Create and view reports on growth metrics such as total jobs performed every month, revenue growth over a specific period and more

  • Choose specific dimensions and metrics and create custom reports to track a variety of data points

  • Export and download your data in CSV format for use in other software

Switch to SkyBoss in One Day or Less

We understand how challenging it can be to break old habits. That’s why we’ve built SkyBoss to take less than one day to switch to from your existing management and accounting processes, whether you currently use other software or manage your business using a pen and paper.

By switching from your current business management system to SkyBoss, you’ll be able to:

  • Reduce the amount of time your back office team spends on repetitive tasks by up to 70%, creating more time for you to focus on acquiring new clients and growing your business

  • Improve the speed of your scheduling and dispatching process, letting you reduce the amount of time your technicians need to travel to each job site and deliver faster service to your clients

  • Keep track of your key metrics, both operational and financial, from one interface in just a few minutes a day

  • Create and view in-depth, detailed reports on every aspect of your business, from jobs completed to revenue, spending and more

  • Spend less of your time on the repetitive, draining side of your business and more of your time on long-term business growth and development

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

We’re 100% confident you’ll be able to make big improvements to your electrical contracting business by switching to SkyBoss. That’s because we’ve helped hundreds of businesses like yours save time, generate more revenue and increase their growth rate.

Request a Live Demo of SkyBoss

Our live demo takes 10 to 60 minutes, depending on the amount of time you’d like to spend learning about SkyBoss. During your live demo, our representative will answer any questions you have about using SkyBoss to manage your business.

By the end of your demo, you’ll understand exactly how SkyBoss can fit into your daily workflow and help you run your maid service business more efficiently.

To get started, call us now on 888-773-3010 or contact us online to schedule your custom live demo and learn about how you can use SkyBoss to optimize and enhance the way you run your your maid service business.



SkyBoss partners with the service industry’s leading GPS vehicle tracking provider, TomTom Telematics. Our integration ensures real-time visibility of your fleet inside SkyBoss. Used by 50,000 businesses, TomTom’s WEBFLEET (SaaS) solution offers all the features and functionality a business owner needs to run a safe and efficient operation.

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