Powerful Tools That Give You Unprecedented Control Over Your dispatching.

Experience the difference with dispatching through SkyBoss. SkyBoss makes sure the right people get to the right job, is completely flexible and is guaranteed to solve your dispatching problems.

When your customers have an issue, you need to dispatch a technician. While you want to respond immediately to your customers and make sure they receive prompt attention, you also want to make sure the right technicians are utilized to maximize efficiency and minimize drive times and white space.

Dispatching is a notoriously difficult task in the field service industry. Efficient dispatching requires that you:

  • Know which technicians are available and when they are available
  • Keep track of all customer orders
  • Time each order, make adjustments, and make sure the right, qualified technician sees the work order

If you find your time filled rearranging and adjusting your schedule -- only to deal with call-offs and cancellations -- the right business dispatching software can make a world of difference.

SkyBoss allows you to schedule technicians in several ways, including interactive dispatching, self-dispatching and fully automated optimization.

What Can SkyBoss's dispatching Software Do For You?

Assigning jobs to technicians can be very complex, and there is only so much that can be done manually as your business becomes larger and more complex. SkyBoss is a dynamic combination of the SkyBoss Mobile App (for field technicians) and the Web Site interface (for office staff). On the SkyBoss Mobile App, technicians see schedule changes done in the web interface by the office staff, The office staff can see changes the technicians make in the field. All in real time! Stop using white boards and gmail calendars. Take control of your business! SkyBoss is flexible and it allows you to dispatch how YOU want. Our dispatching software can:

  • Dramatically improve the efficiency of your dispatching. SkyBoss gives unprecedented control of how YOU choose to dispatch your work orders and technicians.
  • Assign work orders based on skill levels. SkyBoss can stop unqualified technicians showing up to a job they are not qualified to do.
  • Improve customer satisfaction. SkyBoss gives you the control to service your customers quickly and efficiently. SkyBoss also displays your clients past history, right at your finger tips or when taking a new work order. This allows you to deliver unparalleled customer service, which increases your return calls.
  • On the technicians mobile device, work orders are displayed based off of the location of the technician, urgency, if the technician has been to that service address before, and/or based on skill level.
  • Meet customer commitments on time. The SkyBoss mobile app lets technicians know if they are late or if the call is urgent.
  • Control how your technicians see available work orders and invoices. With SkyBoss, you have the ability to "exclude" technicians from seeing work orders from chosen clients, only seeing a limited time frame of work orders or only allowing a given number of open, uncompleted invoices. The power and choice is yours.

Work Order Management

With our work order management system, you can fulfill your commitments and keep your customers happy. Manage your teams, territories and activities with the ability to create, assign, execute, close and debrief work orders internally across your technicians, CSRs and managers.

Save Time and Create Happy Customers

SkyBoss will not only help you save time and reduce dispatching errors, it will also connect with all of your past customer information, invoices and more for a completely intuitive system. Get started today to manage your service business in completely unprecedented ways. From the first call to the final invoice, SkyBoss will build YOU a better business!

Dispatching Software for Field Service Businesses

Do you run a field service business? SkyBoss is a powerful service dispatching software toolset that can help you schedule new jobs and dispatch your technicians, plumbers, cleaners or other service staff in record time.

Designed specifically for businesses that need to dispatch staff to different job sites numerous times every day, SkyBoss removes a huge amount of administrative work from your dispatching process and lets you respond faster to customer calls.

Whether you field calls and dispatch staff for one-off jobs or need to manage and dispatch your team for recurring service agreements, SkyBoss can help you save hundreds of hours of back office administrative work every month.

You can also use SkyBoss business management software to manage your job scheduling process, invoice your customers and keep track of your existing work agreements with clients.

Whether you manage a small team or a growing service business, we’re sure you’ll find a huge amount of value in SkyBoss. Below, we’ve listed SkyBoss’s scheduling and dispatching features in detail to help you discover how SkyBoss can fit into your day to day workflow.

Dispatching Features

SkyBoss includes a complete set of features to help you run your field service business faster and more efficiently. On average, the features in SkyBoss help small business cut back office work by anywhere from 20 to 70 percent every month.

Schedule jobs in seconds, without the usual paperwork

Using SkyBoss, your back office team can respond to customer calls at an incredible speed and schedule new jobs in seconds, all without having to fill in forms, update a wall planner or monitor your team’s schedule the “old fashioned” way.

SkyBoss is built around a drag and drop scheduling calendar. When your office receives a work request from a client or new customer, adding the task to your team’s schedule is as simple as entering the job’s specifications and dragging it into a specific timeslot.

There’s no need for messy paperwork, old fashioned wall planners or other 20th century task management tools. Instead, your entire team’s schedule is easy to manage from one interface without any waste, clutter or confusion.

Add custom notes to help your team deliver great service

The more your team knows about a job and client, the easier it is to deliver outstanding service that sets your business apart from the competition.

SkyBoss lets you add custom notes to every job you schedule, letting you list the exact needs of every customer. From specific requests to information about the customer’s history, you can add notes and extra specifications to any job in seconds in the user friendly SkyBoss interface.

Using the SkyBoss mobile app, your technicians and service staff can view every job in detail to deliver great service that exceeds the customer’s expectations.

From the SkyBoss dispatch board, your technicians can view each client’s address and contact phone number, making it easy to find each client and eliminating the need for your back office staff to provide addresses, directions and job-specific information over the phone.

Dispatch your best technicians, or let SkyBoss decide

SkyBoss makes it easy for you to assign work to your most effective technicians. Whenever you create a new job in SkyBoss, you can choose to “exclude” certain technicians from viewing new work orders, letting you limit each job’s reach only to the most qualified members of your team.

You can also assign work orders based on skill level, giving you the ability to automatically send your most effective, suitable technicians to complex and demanding jobs that require experience and in-depth knowledge of a specific problem.

Don’t have time to manage your technician selection process? No problem. SkyBoss uses GPS technology to track the location of your service vehicles, and can locate the closest member of your team to each job site, letting you automate your dispatching process.

Mark jobs as urgent for a faster response and service

Need to respond to an urgent call from an important customer? SkyBoss lets you control each work order’s urgency level, letting you mark specific jobs as “urgent” and alert your technicians to tasks that require their immediate attention.

The SkyBoss mobile app lets technicians know if they’re late or a call is urgent, letting you keep your response time as fast as possible and reduce delays for your customers.

Access a complete history for each client in just a few clicks

Knowing each customer is the key to delivering great service. From previous work your team has completed to unique information about a customer’s building or property, the more your team knows about each customer and job site, the easier it is to exceed expectations.

SkyBoss automatically records every work order, invoice and transaction with every customer, letting you develop a detailed customer history that your technicians can use to quickly locate, diagnose and repair long-term problems and deliver world class service.

Dramatically improve the efficiency of your dispatching

Because SkyBoss lets you schedule new jobs and dispatch technicians so efficiently, your team can respond to new work orders and customer calls in a fraction of the amount of time required by your slower, “old fashioned” competitors.

On average, field service businesses that use SkyBoss experience a noticeable reduction in the amount of time required to respond to customer calls and work orders. This faster response time leads to happier customers, stronger relationships and a measurable improvement in retention.

Great service businesses are built on strong relationships. By speeding up your scheduling and dispatching process, SkyBoss lets your business “wow” your customers and build great working relationships that lead to repeat bookings and lucrative service agreements.

Manage your invoices, service agreements and more

SkyBoss is more than just dispatching software. From creating and sending invoices to signing clients for recurring service agreements, SkyBoss includes a full suite of tools to help you grow and manage your field service business.

Invoices and Payments

Invoice your customers and get paid faster with SkyBoss’s powerful invoicing tools. SkyBoss is equipped with a complete range of invoicing and payment tools to help you invoice your clients, collect accounts receivable and accept payments from your customers.

  • Invoice your customers as soon as your technicians complete each job, saving hundreds of hours of repetitive administrative work for your back office team

  • Automatically follow up via email when customers fail to pay an invoice on time or forget about their overdue balance

  • Collect easily and get paid faster, without spending hours contacting clients and taking care of collections

  • Let your field technicians create estimates and invoices from anywhere using SkyBoss for mobile

  • Quickly and easily divide invoices between multiple members of your team for jobs that require more than one person

  • Keep track of the cash flow side of your business at a glance, with detailed reports that document how much you’re owed, who owes you money and when you’ll get paid

The powerful invoicing tools in SkyBoss let you invoice your clients faster, collect payments with no manual follow-up process and manage the cash flow side your business in a small fraction of the time your team needs to invoice and collect manually.

With SkyBoss, you can send invoices in minutes after your team finishes each job. SkyBoss can even follow up on aged or overdue invoices automatically to ensure your clients don’t fall behind on their payments and negatively affect your business’s cash flow.

Using the SkyBoss mobile app, your technicians can even create and edit invoices from the field to add extra tasks and upsells to work orders and provide detailed estimates for your clients.

Invoicing can be a time consuming, challenging process. With SkyBoss, you can hugely reduce your team’s administrative workload and get paid by your clients faster, all while spending fewer evenings and nights managing the cash flow side of your field service business.


SkyBoss makes managing your accounts quick, easy and efficient. From accounts receivable to accounts payable, all of your key financial data is accessible at a glance, letting you stay on top of your accounts while you focus on growing your business.

  • Make your entire accounting process more efficient, from invoicing your customers to creating and analyzing cash flow and revenue reports

  • Eliminate the vast majority of your accounting paperwork by keeping track of invoices, estimates and other financial reports using SkyBoss

  • Create, modify and manage your service agreements with clients from one interface, letting you monitor and control the recurring revenue side of your business

  • Make expense reporting quicker and easier for your staff by giving your technicians the ability to photograph and upload their receipts using the SkyBoss mobile app

While accounting is essential for any field service business, it’s easy to let accounting turn into a demanding, time consuming process that stops you from focusing on acquiring new clients and growing your business.

SkyBoss puts all of your key accounting data right in front of you, letting you view your accounts receivable, accounts payable, total revenue and other key performance indicators at a glance.

Your technicians can also use SkyBoss to simplify their expense reporting process by scanning and uploading receipts using the SkyBoss mobile app, helping you log work-related spending in a fraction of the amount of time your team needs to log purchases manually.

Service Agreement Management (Coming ____)

SkyBoss makes it easy to create and manage service agreements with new and existing clients, letting you monitor and grow the contracting side of your business and generate more recurring revenue every month.

  • Create custom service agreements for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly work in minutes and sign on new customers that produce valuable recurring revenue

  • Give your field technicians the ability to create service agreements anywhere and sign on new clients using the SkyBoss mobile app

  • Monitor and manage your service agreements from one interface, letting you keep track of your sources of recurring revenue and existing commitments

  • View how much time your business needs to spend honoring existing agreements and create an efficient, productive schedule for your team

  • Keep track of service agreements that are soon to expire and follow up early to retain clients and maximize your average customer lifetime value (CLV)

  • Gain a new level of control over the recurring revenue side of your business and fuel new growth, all while saving hundreds of hours every month


From revenue to jobs completed, the reporting features in SkyBoss let you stay on top of your key performance indicators in very little time, giving you a full understanding of your business without a significant time commitment.

  • View detailed reports on your key performance indicators, such as the total revenue generated by your business over a week, month or quarter, the total number of jobs completed by your team and more

  • View employee-specific performance reports and identify your most productive field technicians for bonuses, promotions and salary negotiations

  • Monitor your field service business’s growth with reports on monthly and quarterly revenue growth, growth in total transactions, new clients acquired and more

  • Create custom reports using a wide range of data points to discover optimization and growth opportunities

  • Export and download your data in CSV format for use in other tools and software

Switch to SkyBoss in One Day or Less

It takes less than one day to start using SkyBoss field service software, letting you save time and make your work scheduling and dispatching process more efficient without spending days or weeks on training your back office staff.

Within one day of switching to SkyBoss, you can:

  • Reduce your back office team’s workload by as much as 70%, giving you more time to focus on acquiring new clients and growing your business

  • Respond to phone calls from your customers and dispatch your technicians in a small fraction of the time you normally require, letting you deliver faster service

  • Keep track of your key performance indicators, such as daily revenue and total work orders completed, from a single user friendly interface

  • Create detailed custom reports for a variety of factors that affect your business, from individual employee performance to transaction and revenue growth

  • Gain more control over every aspect of your field service business, all while spending less time on repetitive, time consuming administrative work

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

SkyBoss has helped thousands of field service businesses save time, improve efficiency and generate more revenue. That’s why we’re 100% confident that you can take your business to the next level by making the switch to SkyBoss.

To make your decision to switch to SkyBoss easier, we offer a one year, 100% money back guarantee. If you use SkyBoss for a full year and don’t feel satisfied with the results, we will refund all of your subscription payments with no questions asked.

Request a Live Demo of SkyBoss

Our live demo takes 10 to 60 minutes, depending on the amount of time you’d like to spend learning about SkyBoss. During your live demo, our representative will answer any questions you have about using SkyBoss to manage your business.

By the end of your demo, you’ll understand exactly how SkyBoss can fit into your daily workflow and help you manage your scheduling and dispatching process more effectively.

To get started, call us now on 888-773-3010 or contact us online to schedule your custom live demo and learn about how you can use SkyBoss to optimize and enhance the way you run your your business.

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