Why SkyBoss?

Business Invoicing Software

Curious why you should choose SkyBoss software to manage your field service company? The following are some great reasons why we beat out the competition while helping you grow your business, improve relationships with customers and make your life easier.

Free Upgrades and Improvements

We are always working to improve and upgrade SkyBoss. You will never need to pay for upgrades or improvements to our system, whether it is bug fixes, performance enhancements or new features. As a SkyBoss subscriber, you get instant access to every new improvement we make!

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SkyBoss Mobile

You and your technicians have access to job information, schedules, price book, notes, customer history and more from the field thanks to the SkyBoss mobile app! Want to send an invoice from the field? Upload a photo? Mark a job as complete? No problem!

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Bank-Grade Security

Your personal information and your data -- including customer information -- is kept secure with bank-grade security, which includes SSL tunnels, physically secure servers and modern encryption technology.

Features You Need

With SkyBoss software, you have everything you need to effectively manage your company and your technicians.

Features of our software include:

Powerful Reporting

Gives you the information that matters for your business. Whether you want to view tax reports, call counts, client lists, communication logs, invoices, cost per call, dollar per call, or even how many cash invoices you had... Skyboss gives you the ability to see how your service business is performing and how much money you are making... again, in real time.


Invoicing is an important part of your business, and SkyBoss offers automatic invoicing and billing, sent in real time to your customers; TRUE paperless invoicing! Of course, if your customer wants a paper copy, SkyBoss can print out your invoices as well.

Price Book and Custom Services

SkyBoss allows your technicians to access your custom price book from the field. If you don't have a price book, SkyBoss has you covered. You can enter in any custom task and custom price for any service.


SkyBoss makes sure the right people are on the right job, allowing you to dispatch nearby field service technicians to job sites to maximize efficiency. Technicians are also able (if you choose) to schedule themselves based of location, job difficulty and availability. SkyBoss gives you unprecedented control over how you choose to schedule your jobs, all customizable, in real time.

GPS Technician Tracking and Routing

Which means you can track your technicians in real time, reduce drive time, save money and ensure your business runs smoothly while keeping customer satisfaction at an all-time high.


The SkyBoss mobile app is a companion to the full browser software, allowing to you generate and send invoices, create clients and much more, all from the field.

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