Technician Tracking/Routing

Technician Tracking/Routing

SkyBoss's technician tracking feature makes your office and your field technicians more efficient and productive with GPS tracking, so you can track your technicians in real time and plan out the most efficient routes.

SkyBoss includes a visual scheduler that integrates with GPS software. This means you can schedule technicians based on their proximity to the work order! SkyBoss also includes a map view and work order list that reflects the availability of your technicians and the status of work orders.

Fast, Easy Routing

SkyBoss allows you to pre-set the most efficient order for properties to be visited on an interactive map. This way, your unscheduled jobs for each day are placed in the most efficient order. Simply drag-and-drop your unscheduled jobs to make the most efficient route for your field technicians to route jobs not scheduled for a specific time.

Technician Tracking/Routing

Route Optimization

Along with a drag-and-drop feature, SkyBoss uses a route optimization algorithm that will speed up the process of making the most efficient route.

Technician Tracking from SkyBoss

  • Displays visual proximity of technicians to job sites
  • View technicians' work status
  • Segment work orders into categories of your choosing
  • Track your technicians in real time
  • Make sure the right technician gets to the right job
  • Avoid long drive times and save time and money

Experience the Difference

Are you currently doing things the old-fashioned way, having technicians check in when they are finished with a job or dispatching via phone? SkyBoss will reduce scheduling costs, as manual systems typically leave large windows for appointments and time between scheduled stops. Our software allows you to schedule appointments more densely and reduce travel times and fuel costs.

With SkyBoss, you can also increase customer satisfaction by giving customers more precise arrive times, and allowing customers to pick the most convenient time available. If you are ready to experience the difference, start your free demo of SkyBoss today!

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