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Bobby Blue Plumbing

Bobby Blue Plumbing made the move to SkyBoss in 2016. They were using old fashioned pen and paper and hand importing invoices into QuickBooks. Not anymore. Bobby Blue has simplified the whole process and made their lives easier. Invoices are done on the fly in the field, accounting is updated that instant and they know exactly how much money they are making at any given moment. Gone are the headaches of badly written paper invoices, forgetting legal invoice items, lost paperwork (like purchase order receipts), and that big whiteboard they used for dispatching their team. They have seen a significant increase in productivity, and have saved hundreds of hours of work a month. Communication from the office to the technicians is simplified. The technicians are also much more informed and prepared when arriving at a job site. It also helps that SkyBoss is VERY easy to learn and use, just listen to the tech Jimmy.

Cisneros Bros Plumbing

Cisneros Bros Plumbing has been using SkyBoss since early 2015. They were also using paper and pen to do all their invoices and then hand entering them into QuickBooks. Talk about doing double work! SkyBoss simplified and streamlined their entire business and paid for itself in the first month. Accounting is updated in real time. They know exactly where all their jobs are. Customer history is available to the CSR's when work orders are booked and available to the technicians on their mobile devices. Payments are processed right in the field. They were able to fully eliminate Quickbooks and keep everything under "one roof". They can now tell what technicians are performing well and which ones are not. Something that use to take days to figure out, can now be assessed in a matter of a couple clicks. Hear for yourself how much they love being on SkyBoss.

Kevin the Plumbing Technician

Want to know how easy SkyBoss is to use? Listen to what Kevin, a technician, has to say about using the SkyBoss. SkyBoss was designed to be easy AND powerful. SkyBoss empowers the technicians in the field with the knowledge and confidence they need to so their jobs better, inform the customer, present themselves in a professional manner and… make more money. Listen to what Kevin has to say

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