The SkyBoss mobile app is a companion to the full browser software, allowing to you generate and send invoices, create clients and much more, all from the field.

With our mobile interface, you can keep your team up-to-date on what everyone is doing and where, which means more efficient work with fewer errors. New clients, finished tasks, job notes and more are available instantly to your technicians.

SkyBoss mobile can be used from a selection of mobiles devices that have an internet connection, such as iPads and other modern tablets.

SkyBoss Mobile

What Can SkyBoss Mobile Do?

With SkyBoss mobile, your technicians can:

  • View scheduled work orders
  • Map job locations
  • Time in and time out of jobs
  • Add items in the field
  • Add, change and delete charges
  • Capture signatures from customers
  • Update work orders with job status and notes

When technicians enter information, it will be automatically updated and synced With SkyBoss software in your office to eliminate calls back to the office, double-entering data and additional paperwork.

No Paperwork Icon

Eliminate Paperwork

If your field technicians are currently using paper to report activity, let SkyBoss take over and help you save money you are likely spending on inaccurate time tracking, illegible records and other issues. SkyBoss makes it easy for technicians to record activity.

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Collect Information in Real Time

Your field technicians can complete surveys that you can use to identify sales opportunities or for quality assurance.

Control Costs

Control Costs

With SkyBoss, your technicians can track their time so you receive accurate, precise timesheets. You can track unproductive and productive time; shop time and travel time to the minute to ensure you are paid for the work performed.

Experience the Difference

Arm your technician with an iPad, laptop or tablet, and you can eliminate paperwork and immediately collect information from the field in real time to control your labor costs. Start your free demo today to experience the difference with SkyBoss. to grow and improve your business!

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