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SkyBoss offers a flexible and automated invoicing and billing functionality to help you get invoicing out of the way efficiently, with follow-up features to make sure invoices do not slip through the crack! SkyBoss lets you take control of your business in new and unprecedented ways.


SkyBoss invoices in real time, in the field, straight to the customer. Customers can be sent their invoices or estimates from the field, via email right as the job is completed. Do your customers prefer "snail mail"? SkyBoss gives you the ability to batch print out those invoices where the customer prefers email. Easily and quickly.

Email Invoices Through SkyBoss

With SkyBoss, you can be a truly paperless company. In addition to sending invoices in real time, any invoice can be emailed again at any time (with logs that show you when invoices were emailed). SkyBoss also keeps track of which customers have not paid their bill, how much cash has been received by the technicians, how many checks, and credit card transactions.

Secure And Consistent Invoicing From Your Technicians

Are your Technicians not filling out their invoices properly? SkyBoss will stop that from happening. Invoices can't be "completed" until all required fields of the invoice are filled in. This gives you the added security that your technicians are covering all aspects of invoicing.

Track Payments

SkyBoss allows you to track payments and other details such as notes or check numbers. You can even collect single payments to cover several invoices. You can quickly view who has not paid their invoice and who still owes you money from past jobs.

Split Invoices Between Technicians

SkyBoss allows you to split an invoice between several technicians, keep track of the splits and account for it in payroll... again, in REAL time. No other software package handles job splitting in the industry.

How Much Cash Do Your Technicians Owe You From Their Invoices?

SkyBoss lets you separate out cash payments and keep track of which technicians need to turn in cash and in what amounts. Always know exactly how much cash is in your technicians hand and any time.

Experience the Difference

SkyBoss gives you in depth control over your businesses invoicing. No other system gives you THIS level of detail you need to run your service business efficiently and effectively. There is so much more... try it today for free or call and speak with an associate who can tell you everything invoicing in SkyBoss can do for you.

Field Service Software

With SkyBoss, invoicing and accounting has never been easier! Our software allows you to:

  • Manage account balances and customer invoices
  • Quickly process payments
  • Search the database by transaction number or customer name
  • Define custom payment terms for individual customers
  • Bill to customer contact information or a location
  • Email invoices quickly, from the field in real time
  • Keep track of your cash

If you are ready to see what a difference SkyBoss can make in your business, start your free demo today!

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