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Experience the difference with scheduling through SkyBoss. SkyBoss makes sure the right people get to the right job, is completely flexible and is guaranteed to solve your scheduling problems.

When your customers have an issue, you need to dispatch a technician. While you want to respond immediately to your customers and make sure they receive prompt attention, you also want to make sure the right technicians are utilized to maximize efficiency and minimize drive times and white space.

Scheduling is a notoriously difficult task in the field service industry. Efficient scheduling requires that you:

  • Know which technicians are available and when they are available
  • Keep track of all customer orders
  • Time each order, make adjustments, and make sure the right, qualified technician sees the work order

If you find your time filled rearranging and adjusting your schedule -- only to deal with call-offs and cancellations -- the right business scheduling software can make a world of difference.

SkyBoss allows you to schedule technicians in several ways, including interactive scheduling, self-scheduling and fully automated optimization.

What Can SkyBoss's Scheduling Software Do For You?

Assigning jobs to technicians can be very complex, and there is only so much that can be done manually as your business becomes larger and more complex. SkyBoss is a dynamic combination of the SkyBoss Mobile App (for field technicians) and the Web Site interface (for office staff). On the SkyBoss Mobile App, technicians see schedule changes done in the web interface by the office staff, The office staff can see changes the technicians make in the field. All in real time! Stop using white boards and gmail calendars. Take control of your business! SkyBoss is flexible and it allows you to dispatch how YOU want. Our scheduling software can:

  • Dramatically improve the efficiency of your dispatching. SkyBoss gives unprecedented control of how YOU choose to dispatch your work orders and technicians.
  • Assign work orders based on skill levels. SkyBoss can stop unqualified technicians showing up to a job they are not qualified to do.
  • Improve customer satisfaction. SkyBoss gives you the control to service your customers quickly and efficiently. SkyBoss also displays your clients past history, right at your finger tips or when taking a new work order. This allows you to deliver unparalleled customer service, which increases your return calls.
  • On the technicians mobile device, work orders are displayed based off of the location of the technician, urgency, if the technician has been to that service address before, and/or based on skill level.
  • Meet customer commitments on time. The SkyBoss mobile app lets technicians know if they are late or if the call is urgent.
  • Control how your technicians see available work orders and invoices. With SkyBoss, you have the ability to "exclude" technicians from seeing work orders from chosen clients, only seeing a limited time frame of work orders or only allowing a given number of open, uncompleted invoices. The power and choice is yours.

Effective Service Industry Scheduling

The scheduling feature of SkyBoss is drag-and-drop, which means you never again need to write out your schedule or type out everything manually. You will also be able to view available technicians, unscheduled work and more. Any schedule changes done on the web portion of SkyBoss are instantly shown on technicians mobile device and vice versa.

Business Scheduling Software

Business Scheduling Software

Features of the SkyBoss scheduling system:

  • QUICKLY book new jobs directly into open time slots
  • Maps and driving directions in real time on the mobile app
  • Technicians can assign their own work orders and create their own schedule... or not. The choice is yours and is completely flexible
  • Easy CSR and Technician work order creation and invoicing
  • Real time notifications of urgent or late work order
  • Re-assign work orders simply by dragging the work order from one technician to another technician
  • Access the schedule for any date
  • Real time tracking of dispatched, in-progress, canceled, paused, completed and holdings work orders
  • Flexible calendar
  • Color-code jobs for a quick visual-glance of what your schedule looks like
  • Prevent unqualified technicians from taking work orders they are not qualified for
  • Real time call counting showing current call count, completed calls, in progress and even how much you make per call on average.
  • Overview of all "holding" work orders
  • Complete customer history as the work order is being created and when preparing the invoice in the field

Work Order Management

With our work order management system, you can fulfill your commitments and keep your customers happy. Manage your teams, territories and activities with the ability to create, assign, execute, close and debrief work orders internally across your technicians, CSRs and managers.

Save Time and Create Happy Customers

SkyBoss will not only help you save time and reduce scheduling errors, it will also connect with all of your past customer information, invoices and more for a completely intuitive system. Get started today to manage your service business in completely unprecedented ways. From the first call to the final invoice, SkyBoss will build YOU a better business!

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