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SkyBoss offers an intuitive reporting interface that makes it easy to access the information you want, when you want it. Your information is never deleted unless you choose to, so you can compare reports over time and measure the growth of your business.

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Compare Effectiveness of Technicians

Who is performing and who isn't? You can find out quickly with the SkyBoss time tracking management tools to compare the effectiveness of your technicians. With this data, you can build incentive programs to improve efficiency.

Business Reporting Software

Built-in Reports

SkyBoss has built-in reports such as:

  • Invoice aging
  • Transaction reports
  • Email communication logs
  • Client lists
  • Quotes won
  • Quotes created
  • Taxation

Our list of reports is constantly updated as well so you always have the information you need at your fingertips.

Export Reports

Your data is yours. You can always download and export your data as a CSV file.

Create Custom Reports

Along with our built-in reports, you can customize your reports to show the information most important to you, whether you want information over a certain period of time or you want to add additional columns.

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Reporting is a very important aspect of your field service business, and it is an area in which many business owners struggle. Most reporting software is time-consuming to use because data is often in several areas. SkyBoss eliminates this with an easy-to-use system that keeps all of your data in one place for easy reporting and analytics.

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Field Service Reporting Software

From technician effectiveness to transaction reports, SkyBoss puts all of the reporting data you need to assess the performance of your field service business right in front of you, helping you to discover opportunities for optimization and growth.

Designed by field service business owners for field service business owners, SkyBoss is a full business management platform that includes tools for everything from work order scheduling, dispatching and estimating to invoicing, reporting and more.

SkyBoss’s flexible reporting tool lets you dig into the data your business generates, from day to day operations data such as quotes won vs quotes created to invoice aging reports, client lists, email communication logs and more.

Would you like to discover new opportunities to optimize your business and fuel long term sales and revenue growth? Call us on 888-773-3010 to schedule your free SkyBoss demo or read on to learn more about the unique reporting features in SkyBoss.

Quickly and easily access the reports you need to run and grow your business

How much attention do you pay to the “numbers” side of your field service business? From total jobs completed to technician performance, the data side of your business can often hold a huge amount of insight into how you can grow your business.

Simply put, the better you know the data side of your business, the easier you’ll find it to identify and act on the best opportunities for client and customer acquisition, process optimization and long term growth.

SkyBoss puts all of your key reporting one click away, letting you monitor and analyze your key performance indicators and other quantitative business data at a glance without having to rely on overly complicated or difficult offline desktop software.

Unlike most business software, SkyBoss is designed to focus specifically on the data you need to make meaningful, measurable positive changes to your field service business, from the total number of quotes you created and won to growth in jobs completed and revenue.

Below, we’ve listed the unique benefits of SkyBoss’s reporting and data features. You can also find a short summary of the powerful scheduling, dispatching, estimating, invoicing and service agreement management tools available as part of SkyBoss.

Monitor your reporting data at a glance

SkyBoss offers an intuitive reporting interface that makes it easy to access the information you need to optimize and grow your business, when you need it.

Designed for the optimal combination of power and ease of use, SkyBoss puts all of your key performance indicators and reporting data right in front of you, making it easy to stay on top of the data side of your business at a glance.

From invoice aging to transaction reports, a wide variety of detailed and insightful reports are always available in just a few clicks.

When you use SkyBoss to manage and run your field service business, your data is recorded automatically to create a comprehensive reporting database. Your information is never deleted unless you choose to, helping you develop a detailed historical record over time.

This makes it easy to view reporting data for long periods of time and measure your business’s growth and development, helping you track your progress and monitor your business’s growth as it happens.

The better you know your data, the better you know your business. SkyBoss lets you measure and analyze your key business data at a glance, giving you an unprecedented level of insight into performance, growth and progress.

View built-in reports for a variety of metrics

SkyBoss automatically updates a variety of build-in reports as data flows into your business, making it easy to quickly access the information you need to assess performance and identify opportunities for optimization.

Using the built-in reporting features in SkyBoss, you can monitor the following metrics in just a few clicks:

  • Invoice aging
  • Quotes won
  • Quotes created
  • Transaction reports
  • Email communication logs
  • Taxation
  • Client lists

Each report is updated as new data comes in, giving you an accurate record of performance at any time. From your computer or mobile device, you can analyze your business data at a glance whenever you need it.

The built-in reporting options in SkyBoss lets you keep track of your sales team’s effectiveness (using quotes created vs. quotes won reports), the amount of cash owed to your business by its clients and other important information.

Better yet, because SkyBoss’s built-in reports are constantly updated and always available at your fingertips, you can monitor your field service business’s day to day results and long term performance in just a few minutes a day.

Compare the effectiveness of your technicians

Every business has top performing technicians -- highly capable, motivated staff that produce results and drive your business forward. The technician performance reporting tools in SkyBoss make it easier than ever to identify and rewards your business’s top performers.

SkyBoss automatically tracks and records tasks completed by your technicians, giving you a full record of the number of jobs your technicians complete and the amount of income generated on a daily basis.

Using technician performance reports, you can identify your top performing technicians in just a few clicks, letting you calculate and provide bonuses, five prizes and rewards, and stay on top of your team’s performance with ease.

The technician performance reporting tools in SkyBoss are also extremely helpful for planning promotions, carrying out salary negotiations and creating incentive programs to improve your entire team’s performance.

Top performing employees and technicians thrive when rewarded. SkyBoss’s technician reports let you quickly and effortless identify your most valuable technicians, making it easier than ever to plan incentive programs, calculate bonuses and reward your top performers.

Create and export custom reports in CSV format

In addition to the large range of built-in reports available in SkyBoss, you can create customized reports to show specific metrics, time periods and the data most important to your business in just a few clicks.

SkyBoss’s custom reports are ideal for digging deep into your data and spotting trends, growth and opportunities to optimize your processes and improve your results.

Custom reports allow you to compare reporting data over a specific period of time, giving you a visual representation of your business’s growth and progress. Reports can also be customized with specific columns to help you monitor and analyze a variety of different types of data.

Need to export your report data for use in another application? No problem. SkyBoss includes the option to export and download your reporting data in CSV format for use in spreadsheets, graphing software and other business tools.

The deeper you’re able to look into your data, the more likely you are to discover opportunities to improve and grow your business. SkyBoss’s custom reporting features let you analyze your data at a new level of detail, helping you fuel growth and enhance your field service business.

Review complete email communication logs

Need to reference a specific email exchange with a client? Can’t find an important detail in your inbox? SkyBoss automatically records a complete log of your email communications with every client, letting you find job-specific details and important conversations with ease.

The email communication logs in SkyBoss are constantly updated as communication comes in, giving you an accurate and current log of your email communications with both long term clients and one-off customers at any time.

Involved in a dispute over contract terms? By reviewing your email communication logs, you can track down specific conversations, customer requests, work order data and other information to resolve disputes and avoid common communications issues.

The end result is a more comprehensive, complete record of your email history with customers and clients, helping you avoid disputes and ensure you never miss any important work-related details.

Other great SkyBoss features

Beyond reporting, SkyBoss includes a complete set of tools to help you run your field service business more effectively, from scheduling jobs and dispatching your technicians to creating, sending and following up on service invoices:

  • Schedule work orders using a drag and drop interface to create an efficient and effective daily schedule for your team, with live data on the total number of calls you have responded to and the amount of revenue generated

  • Dispatch your technicians in one click by selecting your technicians manually using the SkyBoss interface or letting SkyBoss automatically locate the nearest technician to the job site using GPS data

  • Track and route your technicians efficiently with automated driving directions, job data and other useful work order information using the SkyBoss mobile app to reduce lateness and run your respond to more calls each day

  • Create, send and follow up on invoices with ease using the invoice creation and automatic email follow-up tools in SkyBoss

  • Stay on top of your accounting data with live information on your accounts payable, accounts receivable, invoice aging and other key data

  • Create and manage your service agreements using the powerful service agreement management toolkit available in SkyBoss to drive recurring revenue and increase your customer lifetime value (CLV)

  • Track your client work orders, payments and activity using the client tracking and reporting system available in SkyBoss, which includes a fully searchable database of your activity with every customer

From the ground up, we’ve designed SkyBoss to be as easy as possible for every member of your business to use. On average, it takes less than one day to integrate SkyBoss into your back office and field service workflow.

SkyBoss includes a browser application designed for your back office and management team, as well as a powerful mobile app built with the needs of your field service staff in mind.

After just a few weeks of using SkyBoss, we’re sure you’ll see a measurable improvement in productivity, as well as a significant reduction in back office work. Many of the businesses that use SkyBoss have reported eliminating as much as 70% of their total back office workload.

The end result is a faster, smarter, more efficient and more effective field service business that can respond faster to customer calls, deliver higher quality service and generate more revenue without the usual administrative workload.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

We’re 100% confident you’ll be able to make big improvements to your business by switching to SkyBoss. That’s because we’ve helped hundreds of businesses like yours save time, generate more revenue and improve their growth rate.

To make your decision to switch to SkyBoss easier, we offer a one year, 100% money back guarantee. If you use SkyBoss for a full year and don’t feel satisfied, we will refund all of your subscription payments with no questions asked.

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Designed to give you an unprecedented level of insight into your business data, the reporting tools in SkyBoss can help you discover optimization opportunities, review your technician and field service staff performance, and grow your business.

The end result is a more efficient, more effective business, with less time spent on back office tasks and a faster growth rate, helping you serve more customers and generate more revenue on a daily basis.

Many businesses that use SkyBoss eliminate as much as 70% of their administrative workload, freeing up time for important growth-related tasks like acquiring new clients, entering into new service agreements and responding to more calls.  

We’ve helped hundreds of businesses make measurable improvements to productivity and day to day revenue using SkyBoss. Our experienced team can help you learn more about how you can use SkyBoss to make your entire field service business more effective and profitable.

To try SkyBoss, sign up for your free recorded demo now. Our team will contact you as soon as we receive your information to explain more about how you can use SkyBoss to improve your business and provide a free recorded demo of our field service management software in action.

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