When you are managing leads and customers, count on SkyBoss to help you effectively manage your quoting and estimating, allowing you to quickly bid on new work.

Estimating and Estimating

Estimating and Quoting

SkyBoss offers fully integrated quoting and estimating, which means you can quickly and easily bid on work with professional templates to impress clients.

Quote Delivery

Quote Delivery

Create quotes easily in the field or from the office using a desktop, laptop or tablet, then automatically email your quotes to customers with a single click. SkyBoss. also includes automated follow-up reminders so opportunities will not slip away.

Business Estimating Software

Quote Management

Manage your active quotes by sorting and filtering. You can even rate opportunities so you can focus your time on the leads that are most likely to pan out!

Quote to Job in a Single Click

When a quote or estimate becomes a job, a single click converts it in our field service management system to save you time and avoid double entries. All your quotes will be archived so you can see how many you have won and how the job turned out.

Experience the Difference

Experience the Difference

Are you doing things the old-fashioned way? Experience the difference with SkyBoss. Managing leads, creating quotes and following up has never been easier with everything in one location.

With SkyBoss., your job is easier than ever with everything you need at your fingertips. If you are ready to see how well SkyBoss can integrate with your business, start your free demo today!

Field Service Estimating Software for Contractors

Do you run a field service business? Designed to meet the specific requirements of field service businesses, SkyBoss is a powerful business management software that can help you prepare and manage your quotes, estimates and invoices more efficiently.

Instead of managing your quotes manually using paper records or complicated small business software, SkyBoss lets you create quotes and manage your estimates from a user friendly web based or mobile interface.

With useful features like opportunity ratings and the ability to go from quote to active job in just one click, SkyBoss makes managing your estimates and running your service business faster, easier and much less time consuming than before.

Would you like to save time and manage your estimates and active jobs more efficiently? Call us on 888-773-3010 to schedule your free SkyBoss demo or read on to learn more about how your can improve your quoting process using SkyBoss.

Create and manage your estimates with ease

SkyBoss makes creating and managing estimates quick and easy, letting you send more quotes and acquire more customers.

Designed specifically for field service businesses, SkyBoss includes a powerful range of quoting and estimating tools that you can use to create quotes from the office or in the field and dispatch them to your customers in a single click.

With automated follow-up reminders and easy work order management, SkyBoss makes it easy to move from estimate to active job, allowing you to close deals and do more business with your customers.

Below, we’ve listed some of the unique features and benefits you can expect from the estimating and quoting tools in SkyBoss. You can also find a short summary of the scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, service agreement management and reporting tools available in SkyBoss.

Prepare new estimates in just a few clicks

With SkyBoss, you can create new estimates with ease, letting you quickly send detailed quotes within minutes of receiving a call or email from each customer.

SkyBoss offers fully integrated quoting and estimating tools, allowing you to quickly bid on work and send high quality quotes made using professional templates to win over clients and stand out from the competition.

Creating a new quote is a quick and easy process. Enter the client’s name, work order data and estimated costs and you’re ready to send. SkyBoss includes the option to email your estimate to customers in a single click, helping you respond rapidly to each customer enquiry.

There’s no need to rely on publishing software or clumsy, inefficient estimate templates for other applications. With SkyBoss, you can prepare new estimates in minutes and manage all of your quotes from a single interface.

The end result is a faster quoting and estimating process that lets you respond to customers in minutes after receiving their call or email, helping you close new deals, acquire new customers and generate more revenue for your field service business.

Convert quotes to jobs in a single click

Ready to start working on a new job? When a quote or estimate becomes a job, SkyBoss allows you to convert it into an active job in a single click, helping you avoid wasting time creating more than one entry for each job.

When you convert a quote into an active job, it’s moved into the Skyboss field service schedule management system. Each job can be assigned to a specific member of your team, left open to be claimed by a technician, or assigned automatically by SkyBoss using GPS location data.

Managing your active work orders is an easy process. Because the scheduling tools in SkyBoss are built around a simple drag and drop interface, rescheduling your new work order is as easy as dragging it into a new timeslot.

Ready to assign the job and dispatch a technician? SkyBoss can automatically notify your team members of new jobs via the SkyBoss mobile app, saving you from having to make a phone call or send an SMS message.

The end result is a quick and easy quote to job process that lets you deliver fast service and act as soon as your client needs assistance, eliminating wasted time and letting your team respond to more work orders throughout the day.

Sort, filter and rate your active quotes

SkyBoss makes it easy to manage your active quotes by providing a variety of sorting, filtering and rating options.

Using the SkyBoss interface, you can quickly and easily filter your quotes to only view items with a certain value. You can also sort your quotes to identify your most valuable potential contracts, making it easier to follow up and convert estimates into active jobs.

SkyBoss even includes an opportunity rating feature, letting you rate each estimate by how big of an opportunity it is for your business and focus your time on the leads that are most likely to convert into real business.

The end result is a much easier quote and estimate management without the wasted time and missed opportunities of preparing your quotes on paper or using offline software, giving you the opportunity to focus on converting quotes into jobs and growing your business.

Follow up on active quotes automatically

It can often take several follow-up emails for you to successfully convert an estimate into a real, active job. SkyBoss makes following up easy by giving you the option of sending an automated follow-up reminder to each customer as their estimate ages.

If you have a large amount of active quotes, automated follow-up messages can save a huge amount of time for your team. Even a single follow-up email can be enough to reactivate and renew your relationship with a customer and prevent an opportunity from slipping away.

Need to give a customer special attention? No problem. If you want to follow up manually, it’s easy to disable SkyBoss’s automated follow-up reminders or complement them with your own emails, letters or phone calls.

The end result is a faster and more effective follow-up process that helps you reconnect with clients and draw attention to your active quotes, leading to more jobs, more work orders and more revenue for your field service business.

Create estimates from your office or in the field

Because SkyBoss is available as browser software and as a mobile application, you can create and manage your estimates (as well as scheduling, dispatching and other aspects of your field service business) from your office or remotely in the field.

Don’t know how much you should quote a client? Using the SkyBoss mobile app, you can give your field technicians the ability to create new estimates from any location, letting you generate accurate estimates after reviewing the client or customer’s needs.

Need to modify an existing estimate? No problem. SkyBoss mobile lets your technicians make changes to estimates on the fly, such as adjusting the cost of specific services or adding items to an existing estimate.

Once you’ve finished editing, converting each estimate to an active job is a quick and simple process that only requires one click, letting your technicians and field staff get to work without any delays due to overly complicated, confusing software.

The end result is a simpler, more accurate estimate and quoting process that lets you create invoices based on what your customers really need and eliminates common quote problems caused by an incomplete understanding of customer requirements.

Prepare invoices and accept payments on location

Finished working? The SkyBoss mobile app lets you capture signatures from your customers, prepare invoices and accept payments on location, letting you quickly close each work order after your team finishes working.

Once a client has authorized a job, creating an invoice and billing the customer is a quick and easy process. SkyBoss converts each estimate to an active job in a single click, with invoices just as easy to create and send to the customer.

Need to edit an invoice? Not a problem. Using the SkyBoss mobile app, your technicians can modify existing items to cover additional labor costs, parts and other items that were not fully accounted for in the original estimate.

SkyBoss also allows you to attach photos to each work order and invoice, making it easy for your technicians to record and document their work, add receipts for specific items and add additional information for each job.

After your invoice is ready, SkyBoss allows you to collect payments by cash, check or credit card to provide a variety of options for your customers.

The end result is a simple, fast and efficient process from active quote to work order, job in progress, invoice and payment, helping your entire team get more done without delays and other common field service business setbacks.

Other great SkyBoss features

SkyBoss includes a range of features in addition to estimating. From scheduling and dispatching to invoicing, accounting, service agreement management and more, SkyBoss features a full set of tools to help you manage, optimize and grow your field service business:

  • Scheduling and dispatching tools for creating new work orders, schedule jobs and dispatching your technicians to each job site quickly and efficiently, letting you reduce your administrative workload and run a more effective business

  • Field service business invoicing tools that allow you to create and send invoices in just a few minutes, with automated email follow-ups to make sure you get paid on time without a challenging collections process

  • Field service business accounting tools that make it easy to manage your accounts payable, accounts receivable, invoice aging data and other important accounting data that your business depends on

  • Service agreement management tools that allow you to quickly and easily create new service agreements, renew existing service agreements and provide excellent service to your long term clients

  • Technician tracking tools for delivering job-specific information to your technicians and planning optimal, traffic-free routes to prevent delays and let you respond faster to every customer

  • Client tracking tools that log your transactions, work orders and invoices with each customer, creating a full record of your relationships and client activity

  • Reporting tools and in-depth reports, ranging from jobs completed and revenue to technician performance reports that identify your top-performing members of staff

Designed by field service business owners for field service business owners, SkyBoss is easy to use and simple to master. On average, it takes less than one day to start using SkyBoss to run your field service business and produce a measurable reduction in your back office workload.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

We’re 100% confident you’ll be able to make big improvements to your business by switching to SkyBoss. That’s because we’ve helped hundreds of businesses like yours save time, generate more revenue and improve their growth rate.

To make your decision to switch to SkyBoss easier, we offer a one year, 100% money back guarantee. If you use SkyBoss for a full year and don’t feel satisfied, we will refund all of your subscription payments with no questions asked.

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Built from the ground up for field services businesses that need to provide accurate quotes and estimates, SkyBoss can help you eliminate up to 70% of your administrative workload while providing faster, better service to your customers.

The end result is a more efficient, more effective business, with hundreds of hours of extra time for your staff to spend on important tasks like acquiring new customers, signing on new clients for service agreements and growing your business.

We’ve helped hundreds of businesses make measurable improvements to productivity and day to day revenue using SkyBoss. Our experienced team can help you learn more about how you can use SkyBoss to make your entire field service business more effective and profitable.

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