Want to know what makes SkyBoss so great? Explore our fantastic features that help you stay on top of your field service business from quote to job to paid invoice.


What happens to the jobs you already have? With SkyBoss, you can easily dispatch the right technicians to the job. Our interactive drag and drop calendar will make sure you best utilize your field service technicians to maximize efficiency while reducing white space and drive time. Quickly book new jobs into open slots, get notifications of unassigned and open jobs, color code jobs and much more.


An inefficient or cumbersome billing system will delay payments or worse, keep you from getting paid. Count on SkyBoss's automated invoicing function to make sure invoices are sent quickly so nothing slips through the cracks again!

Client Tracking

Our Client Relationship Management (CRM) feature allows you to track information about your clients. You can do everything from reminding clients of appointments via email and SMS message to viewing complete client records and managing several properties for each client to track franchises and property management companies.

Task Management

SkyBoss is a complete task management and calendar system that will ensure you stay on top of everything that needs to be done. Running a business is hard; count on SkyBoss to make it a little easier!

Routing/Technician Tracking

When your technicians are in the field, SkyBoss allows you to keep track of them with GPS in real time so you can plan out efficient routes and schedule your technicians based on their proximity to work orders.


Get the information you need with our reporting interface. Do you want to know which technicians are performing the best? Do you want to view an archive of your email communication? What about review the quotes you have created and won over the last five years? SkyBoss makes it simple to do all of this and much more.


SkyBoss helps you manage your quoting and estimating for quick bids on new work. Estimates are quickly done in the field and sent to the customer allowing for quick approval and managing your leads.


SkyBoss is not just for use from the office. SkyBoss mobile allows you to send invoices, create clients, and update jobs from the field. Your technicians can stay up-to-date on what is happening and where for efficient work, while you can monitor what is happening from the office.

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