When you are managing leads and customers, count on SkyBoss to help you effectively manage your quoting and estimating, allowing you to quickly bid on new work.

Estimating and Estimating

Estimating and Quoting

SkyBoss offers fully integrated quoting and estimating, which means you can quickly and easily bid on work with professional templates to impress clients.

Quote Delivery

Quote Delivery

Create quotes easily in the field or from the office using a desktop, laptop or tablet, then automatically email your quotes to customers with a single click. SkyBoss. also includes automated follow-up reminders so opportunities will not slip away.

Business Estimating Software

Quote Management

Manage your active quotes by sorting and filtering. You can even rate opportunities so you can focus your time on the leads that are most likely to pan out!

Quote to Job in a Single Click

When a quote or estimate becomes a job, a single click converts it in our field service management system to save you time and avoid double entries. All your quotes will be archived so you can see how many you have won and how the job turned out.

Experience the Difference

Experience the Difference

Are you doing things the old-fashioned way? Experience the difference with SkyBoss. Managing leads, creating quotes and following up has never been easier with everything in one location.

With SkyBoss., your job is easier than ever with everything you need at your fingertips. If you are ready to see how well SkyBoss can integrate with your business, start your free demo today!

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