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Client Relationship Management

SkyBoss makes it easy for your field service company to track important information about your customers. Do You want to know who was at the service address last? What were the recommendations? What was the warranty? All of your customers history is available, in real time, right in your technicians hands.

Your clients are, after all, the most important asset of your business and we have the tools you need to track and access everything you need to know at the click of a button, from anywhere in the world.

Client Relationship Management Features

SkyBoss allows you to stay on top of everything and make sure your customers stay happy with the following features:



Customer History

You have complete access to your entire customer history, quickly. Your technicians, from their mobile device can see a customers service history as well as notes about that client.

Email clients

A customer lost an invoice that they still need to pay? Send invoices and statements directly to clients instantly.

Complete client records

Maintain complete files of your clients that include contact information, payment history, upcoming appointments, last service date and much more.

Search function

Find customers quickly with a system-wide search function that shows contact information, addresses and tasks.

Multiple property support.

Manage several properties per customer, allowing you to track property management companies, franchises and more.

Automatic flagging of problematic customers

It is easy for problematic customers to keep booking work orders. Sometimes, CSRs are unaware of a client who is not paying their bills or who has exceeded billing terms. SkyBoss solves that! When a customer who has exceeded billing terms, that you designate, SkyBoss will notify the CSR that new work orders are not allowed for that customer. SkyBoss also lets you manually select that "Do Not Service" option as well.

Custom fields

Add notes

Add call notes, door codes, special instructions or anything else important about your customers in the work order.

Billing and work history.

Access billing and work history for customers at the click of your mouse. You can also apply partially paid balances... it's easy with SkyBoss!

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