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SkyBoss – Field Service Management Software for Small Businesses

Are you in the industry of telecommunications or the cable sector? How about in the ever-growing mobile healthcare profession?  Any service-oriented company such as plumbing, repair business, HVAC, etc., should consider getting the best and affordable field service management software, specifically SkyBoss. 

For any sized service business, one of the reasons for getting field service management or FSM software is to level the cost of operating with managing service personnel or the fleet.  As a business owner, the cost of fuel, vehicle maintenance, and parts for vehicles are always on your mind.  It is just as important as being able to track the fleet, plan the fastest and most efficient route for the service personnel to reduce your operating cost.  This is one of the features you get with this FSM software combined with customer relationship management. 

Is employee productivity an issue in your small business?  This field service management software can be used to track the movement of your service personnel, especially in the field.  The users can also manage the distribution of work – they can choose the proximity of the service personnel to the customer’s location or the skill level of the personnel depending on the work order.  When it comes to your employees, their safety is also given priority through proper planning of the routes going to the site or location of the customer.  Management and tracking of the service personnel are made easy, simple and convenient.  In turn, this can increase the productivity of employees and will boost the productivity of the business as a whole.

Management of work assignments, your service technicians, and relationship with the clients has never been easier and many back office features.  These can become daunting tasks if done manually or when they are not integrated into one system.  With Skyboss FSM software, the user can easily balance the workload in overseeing back office systems.  With it in place, users can easily prioritize their work.  With a single click of a button, the schedule is made simple (thanks to the drag and drop calendar feature).  Since everything is digital, even scheduling appointments and reminding customers about them is done conveniently.

Service personnel can also retrieve relevant information while on the go. They can also create estimations and quotations on-site based on the customer requirements.

You can also make use of the data analytics integrated with this software.  Even if you are running a small business, data analytics are very important to gauge the success of the business.  From the data, you can have an idea about the areas that are your strong points as well as your weak points. You can do improvements to your business in a strategic manner.

Finally, this mobile field service management software can be accessed or deployed on a cloud platform so data can be stored and retrieved anytime and anywhere.

In summary, this SkyBoss FSM software streamlines the deployment of service personnel and in turn, will benefit the customer greatly and mostly the business itself.  It is a great investment for a business of any size.

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