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Benefits of Using Field Service Management Software

Companies who rely on field service management (FSM) functionalities come from various industries.  This includes those in the cable and telecommunications sector.  These companies have technicians or service personnel who do the cable installation or run long phone lines into commercial and residential establishments.  It can also be used in the healthcare sector, especially mobile healthcare professionals such as a nurse who provides in-home health care for the disabled or the elderly.  Gas utility companies are also an example in which their engineers and other related personnel conduct investigations and repair of suspected leaks.  Various industry sectors such as the industrial, mining and manufacturing engineering, property maintenance and plumbing and HVAC are part of those who rely on field service management software.

The aforementioned industries can definitely take advantage of field service management software designed with them in mind to manage their business resources.  All aspects of running a service-oriented company need to be considered for maintaining a quality organization attracting repeat customers.  From technicians traveling to customer locations, to taking notes about customers they serve, to billing that customer and everything in between.  Skyboss is one of the FSM software companies have fully taken all aspects of running a business into account.  The majority of software programs are developed to streamline the processes in any business, there are many benefits a company or user can get the user all of this with field service management software. 

Skyboss software is a cloud-based development, which means the cost is decreased and the installation software can be accessed anytime and anywhere.  It also has mobile support where users can access data using their mobile devices.  The software can be accessed not only by office computers but also with handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets.

This software also features the intuitive and easy to use “drag and drop” calendar.  With this feature, users can simply pick the suitable service personnel and then assign work to them.  The software will then send or notify the appropriate personnel for their work assignment, and note any that is still unassigned.  In addition, this software can open work and use a color code differentiation of the work.

Having a business is all about serving your customers and this software makes going the extra mile possible with the integration of customer relationship management (CRM) features.  Not every FSM program has this feature, yet SkyBoss has included it in their program so that users can have an easy time building and establishing a good relationship with their customers.  Through this module, users can view customers’ transaction history, send emails or SMS to their customers to remind them of their appointments as well as many more customer related features.

The software also comes with GPS tracking so users can track their service personnel.  With this benefit, users can make proper planning of the most efficient and quickest routes going to the customer’s location, as well as in scheduling the service personnel based on their proximity to job orders.

Another benefit is that it allows service personnel to create quotes and even estimates while in the field. These documents can be sent to their customers with the latter having the option of accepting them.

Lastly, the best benefit you can get from the best field service management software is its pricing plan.  Any business will realize that SkyBoss is a great investment and cost-effective way to manage your customers and service personnel.

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