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Affordable Field Service Management Software – SkyBoss

Technology provides the luxury of convenience to everyone, especially in the business world.  Because of the consistent output of new technology, such as updated software, many business processes have been streamlined.  This results in quick, professional, and quality service provided to customers.  It makes life much easier for both small business entrepreneurs as well as clients.

For small businesses engaged in providing a service (in any industry), they can now consider using field service management software.  This software has been designed to help users to conveniently and properly manage their company resources.  These company resources are used either at their business location, while traveling to customers, or on site, rather than only on company property.

Examples of the things you can get with FSM software are locating fleets, vehicles, managing and overseeing the activities of service personnel.  The software is also used for scheduling, assigning and dispatching work assignments depending on the skill levels of the personnel.  Field service management software ensures the safety of the fleet or individual vehicle driver and integrates all features with other back office functionalities.  This includes tasks such as inventory, billing, invoicing, accounting and many more systems.

With the Skyboss FSM software, companies that conduct and manage installations, service or repair of equipment systems can enjoy increased productivity.  Additionally, the software offers an increase in profit with minimal loss at a cost-effective rate.

When looking for a comprehensive yet cost-efficient field service management software program, SkyBoss will do the job that is expected plus functionalities that will take a business of any size to new heights.  Examples of the key features of this FSM software are modules for:

  • Scheduling and dispatching personnel
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Management of work orders
  • Customer and technician or service personnel tracking as well as routing
  • Task management
  • Reporting
  • Quotation and estimation
  • Mobile and remote use support

The Skyboss field service management software also features a very intuitive “drag and drop” calendar.   This feature allows users to simply choose the suitable technician or service personnel, and then give them work assignments.  The software will also notify the user with any unassigned work.  The software also offers the use of a color-coding scheme with the set work assignments.

Many FSM programs usually offer basic features, but SkyBoss does not only come with those features; it also includes a module for a Customer Relationship Management/CRM system.  This module is used to track customers and maintain good rapport and communication with their customers.

The tracking feature for technicians or service personnel is made possible with the use of Global Positioning System/GPS.  Using this technology, it is easier to plan and define the fastest and most efficient route going to the customer’s location.  With the mobile support of this field service management software, users can access the information they need anytime, anywhere as well as do back-office jobs on the go while in the field.

The SkyBoss software program is affordably priced per month and can be used by an unlimited number of office users.  Additional cost applies per field technician tracking, but it remains one of the most affordable field service management software for small business.

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