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Affordable Field Service Management Software – SkyBoss

Technology provides the luxury of convenience to everyone, especially in the business world.  Because of the consistent output of new technology, such as updated software, many business processes have been streamlined.  This results in quick, professional, and quality service provided to customers.  It makes life much easier for both small business entrepreneurs as well as clients.

For small businesses engaged in providing a service (in any industry), they can now consider using field service management software.  This software has been designed to help users to conveniently and properly manage their company resources.  These company resources are used either at their business location, while traveling to customers, or on site, rather than only on company property.

Examples of the things you can get with FSM software are locating fleets, vehicles, managing and overseeing the activities of service personnel.  The software is also used for scheduling, assigning and dispatching work assignments depending on the skill levels of the personnel.  Field service management software ensures the safety of the fleet or individual vehicle driver and integrates all features with other back office functionalities.  This includes tasks such as inventory, billing, invoicing, accounting and many more systems.

With the Skyboss FSM software, companies that conduct and manage installations, service or repair of equipment systems can enjoy increased productivity.  Additionally, the software offers an increase in profit with minimal loss at a cost-effective rate.

When looking for a comprehensive yet cost-efficient field service management software program, SkyBoss will do the job that is expected plus functionalities that will take a business of any size to new heights.  Examples of the key features of this FSM software are modules for:

  • Scheduling and dispatching personnel
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Management of work orders
  • Customer and technician or service personnel tracking as well as routing
  • Task management
  • Reporting
  • Quotation and estimation
  • Mobile and remote use support

The Skyboss field service management software also features a very intuitive “drag and drop” calendar.   This feature allows users to simply choose the suitable technician or service personnel, and then give them work assignments.  The software will also notify the user with any unassigned work.  The software also offers the use of a color-coding scheme with the set work assignments.

Many FSM programs usually offer basic features, but SkyBoss does not only come with those features; it also includes a module for a Customer Relationship Management/CRM system.  This module is used to track customers and maintain good rapport and communication with their customers.

The tracking feature for technicians or service personnel is made possible with the use of Global Positioning System/GPS.  Using this technology, it is easier to plan and define the fastest and most efficient route going to the customer’s location.  With the mobile support of this field service management software, users can access the information they need anytime, anywhere as well as do back-office jobs on the go while in the field.

The SkyBoss software program is affordably priced per month and can be used by an unlimited number of office users.  Additional cost applies per field technician tracking, but it remains one of the most affordable field service management software for small business.

SkyBoss – The Best in Field Service Management Software

When it comes to field service management software, it is important to have a program that is comprehensive, intuitive (especially with a user interface) and usable with any business size. It is even better when it applies to a wide array of industries. This is the case with SkyBoss – a cloud-based field service management program offering users solutions for remotely managing many important aspects of a business. It provides professionals with all aspects of servicing, tracking your fleet or service technicians. It also has capabilities of handling employee schedules with ease and of course, invoicing and billing.
This program is ideal for businesses conducting service dispatch functions in terms of deploying technicians or staff going out to clients in the field. This program is highly beneficial for businesses that are geared toward providing services such as electrical, HVAC, plumbing trades, just to name a few. This software was developed not only with a dispatcher’s office/center but also with many back office features. On top of that, this software can be used anytime and anywhere because it has mobile and even remote support use.
One of the features SkyBoss has includes the capability for scheduling employees in an organized way with the user-friendly drag and drop calendar. This feature gets immediate updates as you input data and it will be updated as soon as possible to everyone concerned – i.e. where the technicians should be, which client work orders have been given, and proper assignment made to technicians who are currently available.
As orders are received, they can be easily designated in accordance to a service technician with the suitable level of skill. This software can also provide detailed and paperless instructions for jobs, as well as track the progress. When necessary, in the process of giving out enhanced direction plans is also available to respond to important calls in a faster and cost effective way. Another beneficial feature is that you can plot the location of the technicians to their given map proximity. Call center operators or the hub administrators have access in viewing the visual schedule that is fully integrated with GPS, which can do tracking and efficient directing of the staff as they are deployed.

Skyboss field service management software was designed to track service technicians and offer client relationship management (CRM) functionalities. With this added capability users can store service records that can be searched and retrieved with ease. Users can also input contact details and information, door codes, notes, or other special instruction. All of this can be done while retrieving billing and invoicing data to follow up if customer payments are late.
This software also allows Invoices to be created in a consistent and secure manner with the use of proven tools that assure precision and accuracy. Payments through various forms can be processed on site (such as cash, credit card or check). It is also possible to make use of the functionalities within the software such as task management, providing quotations and estimates, integrated reporting options and the mobile application that can be used with Apple products for maximized remote access.
A free demo is available with this software and its pricing starts at $49 per month.

Closet Full of Hats

As a business owner, there are many "hats" you need to wear. At times you are the CEO, CFO, COO, and head manager all in one day. With so many hats to wear, you might be worried about balancing all of your roles. How will you find the time needed to complete all tasks? What if you "drop the ball," how will your business suffer? Putting these worries to the side and figuring out how to balance your life as a small business owner is the first step towards successfully juggling all of the hats that you will need to wear throughout the day, week, month, or year.

Discovering The Right Balance And Number Of "Hats" As A Small Business Owner

According to CNN.Money, "nearly four in 10 workers report logging 50+ hours on the job." With these extending working hours, achieving the right balance between your various hats or responsibilities will require you to be smart about the way that you work. If you have a pile of invoices on your desk at the same time that you have a blog post open on your computer, and a client calling in for their scheduled service consultation, you might feel as if you are being pulled in a million directions without actually accomplishing anything. Does the latter situation sound like your daily life? If so, we are here to help you with clear actionable steps that will put you back in the driver's seat.

Step 1: Define Your Roles

In order to achieve balance, you need to clearly define both your client-facing and non-client facing tasks. Another way of looking at these two task categories is as income generating and non-income generating tasks. Within each of these tasks think about the various roles that you complete. Write down each role, as well as the job description for each role. Next, pull out your calendar. Determine how much time on a weekly basis you have to spend on each of the tasks associated with each role. Finally, pencil in (either literally or metaphorically if you are using a digital calendar) time for each role. It is important that you remain realistic about what you can achieve within a week. During the week you will need to enforce strict time boundaries, so that when you have your "clients hat" on you don't get pulled into answering emails from vendors.

Step 2: Create An Energy Map

The most successful people know if they work better in the morning, post-lunch, evening, or some combination of all three. Creating an energy map will help you to not only be more productive throughout the day, but it will also help you to more easily transition between each of your hats. Over the course of a few days, write down your energy peaks and troughs. After a few days, you will notice if there is a pattern.

Once you have determined the pattern, you will need to decide which roles, and associated tasks should be completed during your optimum period of performance. The remainder of your tasks, such as those repetitive non-tasking things like updating a database, should be completed during your energy troughs. After you have adjusted your schedule to best meet your energy and business needs, you will discover that you are not only more productive throughout the day, but that juggling each of your hats is no longer quite as stressful.

Step 3: Leverage The Power Of Your Team

When small business owners wear multiple hats throughout the day, it is all too easy for them to become micro-managers. Instead of trying to do everyone's job, take the time needed to focus on your own tasks. Leverage the skills of your team to ensure that all daily tasks are being completed at the optimal levels. Finally, you can and should use helpful tools, like SkyBoss to help you more effectively complete your daily tasks. SkyBoss is a field service software that helps small business owners, like yourself, to successfully manage and operate a field service company. By using this software you cannot only increase business efficiencies, but you will more effectively be able to wear each of your business hats.

When you can successfully wear all of your business hats, your clients, employees, and business will thank you as efficiencies are increased and your business begins to thrive. Sign-up for a free SkyBoss demo to learn more about how to balance your time, enhance business operations, and increase productivity across all roles.

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